"Socio-economic (in)equality and intersectionality run like a thread through my research."


I am a post-doctoral researcher connected to the CLARIAH PLUS project, and the Work Package 4 (Socio-economic History) in particular. DataLegend offers tools to expand research using structured data and Linked Data. An interconnected dataset of the Dutch Civil Registry serves as the backbone for research into multi-dimensional inequality, and its drivers, between 1812 and c. 1960.


Interdisciplinary approach

I was part of the Doctoral Training Unit Digital History and Hermeneutics (DTU DHH) at the Centre for Contemporary Digital History (C2DH) of the University of Luxembourg. My PhD dissertation titled Re/constructing Computing Experiences. From "punch girls" in the 1940s to "computer boys" in the 1980s traces the life cycle of five computing devices. My MSc Digital Humanities and MA History of KU Leuven lie at the heart of my interdisciplinary approach.