S.F. (Steven) van der Laan MSc
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My research is on the history of Dutch pig breeding in the twentieth century, which is a casestudy to investigate the interaction between science and practice. This is part of a larger NWO funded programme on the history of livestock breeding in which we flesh out the thesis of cultures of breeding. In my case, I especially focus on selection methods in pig breeding, with which I hope to shed light on both the industrialisation of the industry and draw conclusions about the development of epistemological tools in practice. 

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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Bozhinova, D., van der Molen, M. K., van der Velde, I. R., Krol, M. C., van der Laan, S., Meijer, H. A. J. & Peters, W. (2014). Simulating the integrated summertime Delta(CO2)-C-14 signature from anthropogenic emissions over Western Europe. Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 14 (14), (pp. 7273-7290) (18 p.).
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  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy and Foundations of Physics
  • History of Modern Physics
  • Experiment en Statistiek
  • History of Modern Life Sciences
  • The Fascinating Universe


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Additional functions and activities
  • Chair of activities Promovendi Overleg Utrecht (PrOUt)
  • Board member of the Graduate School of the Natural Sciences PhD Council
  • Member of the Onderwijs Advies Commissie (OAC)
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