Dr. Sanne Frequin

Drift 15
Drift 15
Kamer 1.01
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Dr. Sanne Frequin

Assistant Professor
Art History
+31 30 253 8151

Sanne Frequin (Gouda, 1983) is an art historian who specializes in digital art history. 

Her research focuses on the digital reconstruction of lost or damaged artefacts and on the use of digitized artefacts for research and education. 

The projects of Sanne Frequin concern medieval and early modern art and digital reconstruction. Her PhD analyzed the political message of the tombs of the counts of Hainault, Holland and Zeeland in the fourteenth century. It was a cutting edge project where rare thirteenth century accounts meet seventeenth century descriptions of the now lost tombs. Main focus was the reconstruction of the tombs of the counts of Hainaut and their family. One of the outcomes of the research is the 3D reconstruction of the tomb of Guy of Avesnes in Saint Martin's Cathedral Utrecht. This reconstruction has featured in podcasts, news papers and magazines. 

Currently Sanne Frequin works on the digital and 3D reconstruction of the panel painting of the Lindau Master (Museum Catharijneconvent). In this project a 3D scan of the panel painting is used to reconstruct an earlier version of the painting. The reconstructions will be used for eye-tracking research. This project was generously funded by NICAS

With the KB Nationale Bibliotheek (Royal Library) and creative agency Doyle, Sanne Frequin works on the serious game #MedievalMe. In this game high school students are introduced to interdisciplinary collaboration. An augmented Reality version of Der Naturen Bloeme (one of the high lights of the KB collection) has the main role in the game. This innovative science-communication project is funded by the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA).

Sanne Frequin is the academic coordinator of the master Art History. She has teaching experience at BA, MA, ResMa and PhD level. Courses that she has taught range from the Introduction to Art History (first year BA) to Master-Apprentice Digital Reconstructions of Heritage (research master). She supervises BA and MA theses on medieval and early modern art. Sanne Frequin is a board member of the Utrecht University Teaching Academy (T@UU) and one of the coordinators of the Digital ArtLab.

She is a regular guest on national radio. As and expert she gives context to news about art history in the programs De Wild in de Middag and NPO De Nacht Van…. She serves as a book reviewer and medieval art expert on the weekly radio show OVT (Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd). At Utrecht University she is active in Public Engagement. She received seed money from the Public Engagement Seed Fund for her MedievalMe project and was one of the academics to perform for more than 1000 children in Tivoli Vredenburg during Operatie Breinbreker