Dr. S. (Siamak) Farshidi

Organization and Information
Software Production

Siamak Farshidi is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Information and Computer Science at Utrecht University. His research primarily focuses on recommender systems, search engines, and decision-making in software engineering. The majority of his work delves into highly technical topics, although he occasionally ventures into conceptual modeling and knowledge engineering.

In the realm of recommender systems, Siamak's expertise lies in intent modeling, recommendation algorithms, sentiment analysis, entity matching, and knowledge graphs. Within search engines, his knowledge encompasses information retrieval, indexing, querying, searching, ranking algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning. He also contributes to the field of decision-making in software engineering, including areas such as decision models, technology selection, software architecture, and requirements engineering.

Siamak teaches two courses at Utrecht University. At the undergraduate level, he instructs the course "Organizations and ICT" (OICT), providing students with insights into the relationship between technology and organizational structures. In the graduate program, he teaches a course titled "Responsible and ICT" (RICT), which explores the responsible integration of information and communication technologies.


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