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Psychology - Experimental Psychology
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Curriculum vitae

2007 – heden 

Universitair docent, experimentele psychologie, Universiteit Utrecht


2004 – 2007 

Post-Doc, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Bewegingswetenschappen

The aim of this project was to provide a new impulse to clinical posturography by making use of nonlinear measures, based on insights from fundamental research. In addition to young and elderly healthy subjects, people suffering from vestibular disorders and people with Parkinson's Disease have been investigated.

- Static Posturography

- Structural (nonlinear) measures

- Caloric testing


2001 – 2004 

Post-Doc, Universiteit Twente, Biomedische Wertuigbouwkunde

Project title: quantification and qualification of balance during stance

- Motion Analysis

- Dynamic Posturography

- Virtual Reality


1996 – 2001

PhD student, Sint Maartenskliniek Research BV, Nijmegen

The overall aim of this PhD research was to apply the insights gained from the dynamical systems theory in the study of the stability and flexibility of walking. 

- Motion Analysis

- EMG Analysis

- Nonlinear dynamics

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All publications
  Articles - Scholarly publications
van der Heiden, R.M.A., Janssen, C.P., Donker, S.F., Hardeman, Lotte E.S., Mans, Keri & Kenemans, J.L. (13.08.2018). Susceptibility to audio signals during autonomous driving. PLoS One, 13 (8), (pp. 1-16) (16 p.).
van der Heiden, R.M.A., Janssen, C.P., Donker, S.F. & Merkx, Chantal (2018). Visual In-car Warnings: How Fast Do Drivers Respond?. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour (12 p.).
Holten, Vivian, van der Smagt, Maarten J., Verstraten, Frans A J & Donker, Stella F. (2016). Interaction effects of visual stimulus speed and contrast on postural sway. Experimental Brain Research, 234, (pp. 113-124).
Holten, Vivian, Donker, Stella F., Stuit, Sjoerd M., Verstraten, Frans A J & van der Smagt, Maarten J. (2015). Visual directional anisotropy does not mirror the directional anisotropy apparent in postural sway. Perception, 44 (5), (pp. 477-489) (13 p.).
Holten, Vivian, van der Smagt, Maarten J., Donker, Stella F. & Verstraten, Frans A J (2014). Illusory Motion of the Motion Aftereffect Induces Postural Sway. Psychological Science, 25 (9), (pp. 1831-1834) (4 p.).
Holten, V., Donker, S.F., Verstraten, F.A.J. & Van der Smagt, M.J. (2013). Decreasing optic flow rigidity increases postural sway. Experimental Brain Research, 228 (1), (pp. 117-129) (13 p.).
Donker, S.F., Ledebt, A., Roerdink, M., Savelsbergh, G.J.P. & Beek, P.J. (2008). Children with cerebral palsy exhibit greater and more regular postural sway than typically developing children. Experimental Brain Research, 184, (pp. 363-370) (8 p.).
  Lectures - Other output
  Invited talk - Scholarly publications
Donker, S.F. (11.12.2017) Invited speaker Directoriaat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat Roodlichtnegatie bij brugopeningen door fietsers en voetgangers
  Prize (including medals and awards) - Other output
Donker, S.F. 2009 Recipient Motion perception, adaption and postural sway

Publicaties  2001-2008

International (refereed) journals

Donker, S.F., Roerdink, M., Greven, A.J., & Beek, P.J.  (2007). Regularity of center-of-pressure trajectories depends on the amount of attention invested in postural control. Experimental Brain Research, 181(1), 1-11.

Roerdink, M., de Haart, M., Daffertshofer, A., Donker,  S.F., Geurts, A.C.H., & Beek, P.J. (2006). Dynamical structure of center-of-pressure trajectories in recovering stroke patients. Experimental Brain Research 174, 256-269.

Donker, S.F., Daffertshofer, A., & Beek, P.J. (2005). Effects of velocity and limb loading on the coordination between limb movements during walking. Journal of Motor Behavior, 37, 217-230.

Donker, S.F., Nienhuis, B., Mulder, Th., & Duysens, J. (2002). Adaptations in arm movements for added mass to wrist or ankle during walking. Experimental Brain Research, 146, 26-32.

Donker, S.F., & Beek, P.J. (2002). Interlimb coordination in prosthetic walking: Effects of asymmetry and walking velocity. Acta Psychologica, 110, 265-288.

Donker, S.F., Beek, P.J., Wagenaar, R.C., & Mulder, T. (2001). Coordination between arm and leg movements during locomotion. Journal of Motor Behavior, 33, 86-102.

Contributions to books

Duysens, J., Donker, S.F., Verschueren, S., Smits-Engelsman, B., & Swinnen, S. (2004). Sensory influences on interlimb coordination during gait. In: S.P. Swinnen and J. Duysens (eds.) Neuro-behavioral determinants of interlimb coordination. A Multidisciplinary approach. 3-33, Kluwer academic publishers.

Donker, S.F. (2002). Flexibility of human walking: A study on interlimb coordination. Thesis, University of Groningen.

Mulder, T., & Donker, S.F. (2001). Achtergronden en kenmerken van de menselijke beweging. In: Het Brein te Kijk. Een verkenning van de cognitieve neurowetenschappen. p.185-215. F. Wijnen and F. Verstraten (eds.). Swets & Zeitlinger B.V., Lisse


International (refereed) abstracts 1998-2008

Donker, S.F., Roerdink, M., Beek, P.J.B. (2005). Postural sway fluctuations: noise or complex structure? European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children (ESMAC), Barcelona, September 22 -24, 2005

van der Kooij, H.; Donker, S.; de Vrijer, M.; van der Helm, F. (2004). Identification of human balance control in standing. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Volume 3, 10-13 October 2004 Page(s): 2535 – 2541

Donker, S.F., & van der Kooij, H. (2004). Influence of frequency characteristics of perturbation signals on postural response during human stance. In: Book of abstracts of Congress of European Society of Biomechanics 2004, Den Bosch.

van der Kooij, H., & Donker, S.F. (2004). The nature of postural response differs for mechanical and perceptual perturbations. In: Book of abstracts of Congress of European Society of Biomechanics 2004, Den Bosch.

Donker, S.F., Hoksbergen, C., Helm., van der, F., & Kooij, van der, H. (2003). Design of optimal perturbation signals for investigating human postural dynamics. ISPGR XVIth Conference in Sydney, Australia. S.R. Lord and H B. Menz (eds.), p94.

Duysens, J. , Donker, S.F., Verschueren, S.M.P., & Swinnen, S.P. (2002). Intelimb coordination in human locomotion with added mass. IV World Congress of Biomechanics, Calgary, Canada

Donker, S.F., Karnebeek,F.B.G., Poelen, J., & Duysens, J. (2001). Coordination patterns in walking with a below knee prosthesis. In: Control of Posture and Gait, J. Duysens, B.C.M. Smits-Engelsman and H. Kingma (eds.), p.554-557.

Poelen, J., Karnebeek, F.B.G., Donker, S.F., & Duysens, J. (2001). Velocity changes during walking with a below-knee prosthesis. In: Control of Posture  and Gait, J. Duysens, B.C.M. Smits-Engelsman and H.Kingma (eds.), p.566-569.

Karnebeek F.B.G., Poelen J., Donker S.F. & Duysens J. (2001). Dual task interference in experienced prosthetic walkers. In: Control of Posture and Gait, J. Duysens, B.C.M. Smits-Engelsman and H. Kingma eds.), p.595-59

Donker, S., Neilen, L, Duysens, J.: Walking with an above knee prosthesis at different walking velocities. Proceedings ` beweging in beeld', Instituut voor Bewegingswetenschappen, Groningen, 24-25 november 2000. p. 79

Donker, S.F, Beek, P.J., & Mulder T. (1999). Human interlimb coupling as function of walking velocity. Book of abstracts of XVIIth Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Calgary, Canada, p. 516.

Donker, S.F., Nienhuis, B., Mulder, T. (1998). How self-organized is human locomotion? Book of abstracts of the conference Neuronal Mechanisms for generating locomotor activity, p. 80, New York Academy of Sciences, New York


International (refereed) abstracts 1993-1997 (biology student)

Donker, S., Reyero, M.I., Reguera, B., & Franco., J.M. (1997). Perfil de toxinas PSP de seis cepas de Gymnodinium catenatum de Galicia. In: J.M Wyeites & F. Leira (eds.). V Reunión Ibérica sobre Fitoplancton Tóxico y Biotoxinas. Anfaco-Cecopesca, Vigo, España, pp. 69-76

Donker, S.F., de Poot, H.J.G., & van de Grind, W.A. (1993). Human visual perception of motion in depth: A quantitative comparison between binocular and active vision. Perception, 22, 80.

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