Silvia Canto teaches Spanish and coordinates the Spanish language courses at the department of Spaanse Taal en Cultuur. She is involved in the Educational Minor (ICT and language education) and in the Master of Foreign Language Pedagogy. Her research activity focuses on task design and the added value of integrating synchronous telecollaboration practices (virtual exchanges) in the language curricula to encourage intercultural communication. She has participated in the NIFLAR, Euroversity, TILA en TeCoLa European funded projects. She is also an external examiner for the International Baccalaureate and has designed Spanish teaching materials for various publications. She is a member of the Dutch National Expertise Team on Foreign Language Pedagogy and carries out peer-review tasks for the ReCALL, CALICO and CALL international journals. She is a member of the Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EuroCALL) associations.


She has participated in the following projects:

E-LIVE (Engaging Languages in Intercultural Virtual Exchange, 2022-2024)

TeCoLa (Pedagogical differentiation through telecollaboration and gaming for intercultural and content integrated language teaching)

TILA (Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition)

NIFLAR (Networked Interaction for Foreign Language Acquisition and Research)

EUROVERSITY (implementation of 3D virtual worlds for education)

COINELE (colaboración interuniversitaria: competencias interculturales con mediación tecnológica en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje del español como LE)

TACIDELE (proyecto de telecolaboración para la adquisición de competencias interculturales y digitales en ELE) 

Native speakers’ peerfeedback: Verbetering van academische taalvaardigheid (USO, UU)