Drs. Ruut van Rossen

Head of Campus Administration
Corporate Real Estate & Campus

Head of Campusmanagement until Jan 1st, 2024, retired as of April 11th 2024

This role primarily focusses on the conditions for use and lay-out of the university campus(es). Utrecht Science Park, formerly De Uithof, being the biggest campus, takes up most of the time and attention. As of January 1, 2024, I will no longer fulfill this role in view of my retirement. Consider the following fields of work:

  • Road infrastructure and mobility (a.o. primary contact regarding the public transport, a.o. lightrail Uithoflijn to local and regional administrations);
  • Parking (P+R Utrecht Science Park (formerly known as P+R De Uithof), PMS, parking rates, permits);
  • Road administration for university owned roads and publicly accessible areas;
  • Streetnames;
  • Exceptional campus use (festivals, various events, photography and filming);
  • Permits for underground infrastructure, buidling sites;
  • Land allocation.


On behalf of my position, I am also:

  • boardmember of owners association P+R Utrecht Science Park until April '24, my successor is Erik van der Wel;
  • chairman of RAP (stepped down);
  • member of Q-team (quality assessment) until April 2024
  • member of the BBUO (regional mobility), stepped down, partially succeeded by Adamfo de Groot (strategy);