Rick Nouwen is associate professor at the department of Languages, Literature and Communication. Rick's research focus is on formal, experimental and computational semantics & pragmatics, especially where these disciplines meet philosophy of language and/or cognitive psychology. 

Recent topics of interest to Rick include: rhetorical figures (for instance here), vagueness and intensification (for instance here), the pragmatics of number words (for instance here), and the relation between truth and meaning (for instance here). See his personal web page for up to date information: http://ricknouwen.org/

Rick is the coordinator of the research master Linguistics and he lectures in the Bsc and Msc Artificial Intelligence programmes, as well as in the research master Linguistics. 

Together with Jakub Dotlacil, Rick is the PI of an NWO VC project that uses experiments and computational cognitive modelling to further our understanding of pragmatic processes in discourse.