Romee Klis (they/ she) is a PhD candidate at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology, associated with Utrecht University. With a bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences (UU), Bachelor in Criminology (EUR) and a master in Global Criminology (UU), Romee is trained in the inter-/multidisciplinary (social) sciences as well as a vast range of criminological topics. They have worked as a researcher for University of Applied Sciences Utrecht ('Hogeschool Utrecht') and Transparency International in the past. 

She has been teaching the courses Introduction to Criminology, Advanced Criminology and Criminological Research to (international) bachelor students with a variety of academic backgrounds. However, as a doctoral candidate, Romee's priorities lie with their research at the moment, causing her to support education in the background through occasional guest lectures (on critical criminology, crimes of the powerful, green criminology, queer criminology and qualitative research methods).