dr. Rob Govers
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Associate Professor (Tectonophysics)

My main research interests are the geodynamics of plate boundaries, lithosphere to upper mantle scale deformation processes and the expressions of these processes in geophysical and geological data.

Another main research interest is the earthquake cycle and the geodetic (GPS, InSAR) imprints of it, particularly at subduction plate boundaries.

Particular regions of interest are the active margins of the North American continent, the Caribbean region, the Mediterranean-Tethys region including Tibet.

I develop numerical modeling tools, in particular for the solution of partial differential equations (e.g., GTECTON, GFLEX). I use the numerical models to integrate processes and observations.

More information is available on my professional site.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
Plate tectonics
Sedimentary basins
Mechanics of tectonic plates
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Curriculum vitae


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All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Govers, R., Furlong, K.P., van de Wiel, L., Herman, M.W. & Broerse, T. (02.01.2018). The Geodetic Signature of the Earthquake Cycle at Subduction Zones - Model Constraints on the Deep Processes. Reviews of Geophysics, online first.
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Govers, R.M.A. (03.04.2017) Chair Ph.D. defense Matt Herman (Event)
Özbakir, Ali Değer, Govers, Rob & Wortel, Rinus (13.01.2017). Active faults in the Anatolian-Aegean plate boundary region with Nubia. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 26 (1), (pp. 30-56, plus Appendices) (26 p.).
Roda, Manuel, Marketos, George, Westerweel, Jan & Govers, Rob (2017). Morphological Expressions of Crater Infill Collapse - Model Simulations of Chaotic Terrains on Mars. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 18 (10), (pp. 3687-3699) (13 p.).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
George, Ophelia, Malservisi, Rocco, Govers, R.M.A., Connor, Charles B. & Connor, Laura J. (28.06.2016). Is uplift of volcano clusters in the Tohoku Volcanic Arc, Japan, driven by magma accumulation in hot zones? A geodynamic modeling study. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 121 (6), (pp. 4780-4796).
Govers, R. & Fichtner, Andreas (15.09.2016). Signature of slab fragmentation beneath Anatolia from full-waveform tomography. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 450, (pp. 10-19).
Marketos, G., Govers, R. & Spiers, C. J. (2016). Rocksalt creep, uncertainties, and their implications for surface subsidence above a producing rocksalt-capped reservoir. 50th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium 2016 (pp. 3162-3169) (8 p.). American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA).
Marketos, G., Spiers, C.J. & Govers, R. (01.06.2016). Impact of rock salt creep law choice on subsidence calculations for hydrocarbon reservoirs overlain by evaporite caprocks. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 121 (6), (pp. 4249-4267) (19 p.).
Polonia, A., Torelli, L., Artoni, A., Carlini, M., Faccenna, C., Ferranti, L., Gasperini, L., Govers, R., Klaeschen, D., Monaco, C., Neri, G., Nijholt, N., Orecchio, B. & Wortel, R. (22.04.2016). The Ionian and Alfeo-Etna fault zones - New segments of an evolving plate boundary in the central Mediterranean Sea?. Tectonophysics, 675, (pp. 69-90) (22 p.).
  2016 - Other output
R.M.A. Govers (07.12.2016) 2016 Aceh earthquake
R.M.A. Govers (19.04.2016) Article on Mw7.8 Muisne Equador earthquake 2016-04-16 and Mw7.0 Kumamoto-shi Japan earthquake 2016-04-15
R.M.A. Govers (01.09.2016) Auteur: Marlies ter Voorde
R.M.A. Govers (25.08.2016) Author: Jente Ottenburghs. Page: 5
R.M.A. Govers (12.01.2016) Author: Maarten Keulemans
R.M.A. Govers (25.04.2016) Documentary on the occasion on the one-year anniversary of the Lamjung (Nepal) earthquake
R.M.A. Govers (05.03.2016) Gebutste reputatie speelt NAM parten in Twente
R.M.A. Govers (16.03.2016) Gesprek over injecteren van afvalwater in Twente
R.M.A. Govers (24.08.2016) Radio interview
R.M.A. Govers (24.08.2016) Radio interview
R.M.A. Govers (24.08.2016) Television interview
R.M.A. Govers (11.11.2016) The signature of the earthquake cycle at subduction zones
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Broerse, Taco, Riva, Riccardo, Simons, Wim, Govers, Rob & Vermeersen, Bert (2015). Postseismic GRACE and GPS observations indicate a rheology contrast above and below the Sumatra slab. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120 (7), (pp. 5343-5361) (19 p.).
Flecker, Rachel, Krijgsman, Wout, Capella, Walter, de Castro Martins, Cesar, Dmitrieva, Evelina, Mayser, Jan Peter, Marzocchi, Alice, Modestu, Sevasti, Lozano, Diana Ochoa, Simon, Dirk, Tulbure, Maria, van den Berg, Bas, van der Schee, Marlies, de Lange, Gert, Ellam, Rob, Govers, Rob, Gutjahr, Marcus, Hilgen, Frits, Kouwenhoven, Tanja, Lofi, Johanna, Meijer, Paul, Sierro, Francisco J., Bachiri, Naima, Barhoun, Nadia, Chakor Alami, Abdelwahid, Chacon, Beatriz, Flores, Jose A., Gregory, John, Howard, James, Lunt, Dan, Ochoa, Maria, Pancost, Rich, Vincent, Stephen & Yousfi, Mohamed Zakaria (2015). Evolution of the Late Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic gateways and their impact on regional and global environmental change. Earth-Science Reviews, 150, (pp. 365-392) (28 p.).
Marketos, G., Broerse, Taco, Spiers, C.J. & Govers, R.M.A. (26.06.2015). Long-term subsidence study of the Ameland gas field: time-dependence induced by rocksalt flow. (35 p.). UU Dept. of Earth Sciences.
Marketos, G., Govers, R. & Spiers, C. J. (2015). Ground motions induced by a producing hydrocarbon reservoir that is overlain by a viscoelastic rocksalt layer - A numerical model. Geophysical Journal International, 203 (1), (pp. 228-242).
Nijholt, Nicolai & Govers, Rob (2015). The role of passive margins on the evolution of Subduction-Transform Edge Propagators (STEPs). Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120 (10), (pp. 7203-7230).
  2015 - Popularising publications
Toonen, Annette (02.02.2015). Een injectie met vier miljoen liter ongenoegen. NRC Handelsblad
  2015 - Other output
R.M.A. Govers (02.02.2015) "Een injectie met vier miljoen liter ongenoegen" by Annette Toonen
R.M.A. Govers (06.05.2015) "Een vreemde verwoesting" by Johan Engels, on the Lamjung (Nepal) earthquake Mw=7.8 April 25 2015
R.M.A. Govers (30.04.2015) About the Lamjung (Nepal) earthquake Mw=7.8 April 25 2015
R.M.A. Govers (18.03.2015) Bevend Groningen
R.M.A. Govers (17.09.2015) interview about the Illapel (Chile) earthquake Mw=8.3 September 16 2015
R.M.A. Govers (12.05.2015) Interview on E. Nepal earthquake Mw=7.3 May 12
R.M.A. Govers (18.03.2015) Interviews and questions from listeners
R.M.A. Govers (27.04.2015) Radio interview on the Lamjung (Nepal) earthquake Mw=7.8 April 25 2015
R.M.A. Govers (12.05.2015) Radio interview: E. Nepal earthquake Mw=7.3 May 12
R.M.A. Govers (29.04.2015) TV interview about the Lamjung (Nepal) earthquake Mw=7.8 April 25 2015
R.M.A. Govers (27.05.2015) Wanneer de klap zou komen, wist niemand. Wel dat hij zou komen.
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Bartol, Jeroen & Govers, Rob (10.12.2014). A single cause for uplift of the Central and Eastern Anatolian plateau?. Tectonophysics, 637, (pp. 116-136).
Marra, Wouter A., Hauber, Ernst, McLelland, Stuart J., Murphy, Brendan J., Parsons, Daniel R., Conway, Susan J., Roda, Manuel, Govers, Rob & Kleinhans, Maarten G. (2014). Pressurized groundwater outflow experiments and numerical modeling for outflow channels on Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 119 (12), (pp. 2668-2693) (26 p.).
Roveri, M., Flecker, R., Krijgsman, W., Lofi, J., Lugli, S., Manzi, V., Sierro, F.J., Bertini, A., Camerlenghi, A., de Lange, G., Govers, R., Hilgen, F.J., Hübscher, C., Meijer, P.Th. & Stoica, M. (2014). The Messinian Salinity Crisis: Past and future of a great challenge for marine sciences. Marine Geology, 352, (pp. 25-58) (34 p.).
van Benthem, S.A.C., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2014). What drives microplate motion and deformation in the northeastern Caribbean plate boundary region?. Tectonics, 33 (5), (pp. 850-873) (24 p.).
  2014 - Popularising publications
Govers, R. (17.01.2014). Bodem in Groningen blijft hoe dan ook nog jaren bewegen (article by Joep Engels). Trouw, Telegraaf, Noordhollands Dagblad, Spits, IJmuider Courant, Google Alerts
Govers, R. (03.04.2014). Chili komt goed weg na nieuwe zware aardbeving (article/interview by Maarten Keulemans). De Volkskrant [online]
Govers, R. (18.01.2014). Geofysicus: 'Het lijkt erop dat het wel een nuttige ingreep is'. De Volkskrant [online] Ook verschenen in: De Gelderlander, Reformatorisch Dagblad.
ter Voorde, Marlies (24.12.2014). Alarm werkt, maar helpt niet altijd. De Volkskrant [online]
  2014 - Other output
R.M.A. Govers (24.12.2014) "Alarm werkt, maar helpt niet altijd" article by Marlies ter Voorde
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Özbakir, A.D., Şengör, A.M.C., Wortel, M.J.R. & Govers, R. (2013). The Pliny-Strabo trench region: A large shear zone resulting from slab tearing. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 375, (pp. 188-195) (8 p.).
Plattner, C., Amelung, F., Baker, S., Govers, R. & Poland, M. (2013). The role of viscous magma mush spreading in volcanic flank motion at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai'i. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 118 (5), (pp. 2474-2487) (14 p.).
van Benthem, S., Govers, R., Spakman, W. & Wortel, R. (2013). Tectonic evolution and mantle structure of the Caribbean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 118 (6), (pp. 3019-3036) (18 p.).
Warners-Ruckstuhl, K.N., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2013). Tethyan collision forces and the stress field of the Eurasian plate. Geophysical Journal International, 195 (1), (pp. 1-15) (15 p.).
  2013 - Professional publications
Govers, R. (2013). Editorial Note. Tectonophysics, 608, (pp. 1452) (1 p.).
  2013 - Popularising publications
Govers, R. (24.10.2013). Angst voor een energie van 500 Snickers (article by Silvan Schoonhoven). Noordhollands Dagblad
Govers, R.M.A. (23.10.2013). Artikel over de M=2.5 aardschok bij Castricum. Noordhollands Dagblad & IJmuider Courant titel verifiëren.
Govers, R.M.A. (06.02.2013). Italiaanse autoriteiten evacueren veel te snel (article by Tonnie Mudde). De Volkskrant [online]
Spiers, C.J., Govers, R.M.A. & Turkenburg, W.C. (16.02.2013). Tegengas: "Groningse ondergrond, volledig herstel zit er niet in" (article by Bard van de Weijer). De Volkskrant [online]
  2013 - Other output
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Warners-Ruckstuhl, K.N., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2012). Lithosphere-mantle coupling and the dynamics of the Eurasian Plate. Geophysical Journal International, 189 (3), (pp. 1253-1276) (24 p.).
  2012 - Other output
  2011 - Scholarly publications
Baes, M., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2011). Subduction initiation along the inherited weakness zone at the edge of a slab: Insights from numerical models. Geophysical Journal International, 184 (3), (pp. 991-1008) (18 p.).
Baes, M., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2011). Switching between alternative responses of the lithosphere to continental collision. Geophysical Journal International, 187 (3), (pp. 1151-1174) (24 p.).
  2011 - Professional publications
Govers, R. (2011). Lessen uit de Tohoku aardbeving. Payenborchiana, 51 (3), (pp. 25-26) (2 p.).
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Plattner, C., Malservisi, R., Furlong, K.P. & Govers, R. (2010). Development of the Eastern California Shear Zone — Walker Lane belt: The effects of microplate motion and pre-existing weakness in the Basin and Range. Tectonophysics, 485 (1-4), (pp. 78-84, doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2009.11.021) (2 p.).
van Benthem, S. & Govers, R. (2010). The Caribbean plate: Pulled, pushed, or dragged?. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 115, (pp. B10409-doi:10.1029/2009JB006950) (3460 p.).
Warners-Ruckstuhl, K.N., Meijer, P.Th., Govers, R.M.A. & Wortel, M.J.R. (2010). A lithosphere-dynamics constraint on mantle flow: Analysis of the Eurasian plate. Geophysical Research Letters, 37, (pp. L18308, doi:10.1029/2010GL044431) (2 p.).
Wortel, R. & Govers, R. (03.06.2010). Geoscience: Driving Earth's surface motions. Nature, 465 (7298), (pp. 559) (1 p.).
  2010 - Professional publications
van Benthem, S. & Govers, R. (2010). De tijdbom onder Haïti. Geografie, 7-8, (pp. 6-7) (2 p.).
  2010 - Popularising publications
Govers, R. (26.06.2010). Beving als doodslag (Michiel van Nieuwstadt). NRC Handelsblad
Govers, R. (03.07.2010). Op zoek naar het epicentrum. De Telegraaf
  2010 - Other output
  2009 - Scholarly publications
Bartol, J. & Govers, R. (2009). Flexure due to the Messinian-Pontian sea level drop in the Black Sea. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 10, (pp. Q10013-doi:10.1029/2009GC002672) (7342 p.).
Govers, R. (2009). Choking the Mediterranean to dehydration: the Messinian salinity crisis. Geology, 37 (2), (pp. 167-170) (4 p.).
Govers, R., Meijer, P.Th. & Krijgsman, W. (2009). Regional isostatic response to Messinian Salinity Crisis events. Tectonophysics, 463 (1-4), (pp. 109-129, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2008.09.026) (2 p.).
LaFemina, P., Dixon, T., Govers, R., Norabuena, E., Turner, H., Saballos, A., Mattiolli, G., Protti, M. & Strauch, W. (2009). Fore-arc motion and Cocos Ridge collision in Central America. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 10, (pp. Q05S14-doi:10.1029/2008GC002181) (2168 p.).
Plattner, C., Malservisi, R. & Govers, R. (2009). On the plate boundary forces that drive and resist Baja California motion. Geology, 37 (4), (pp. 359-362) (4 p.).
Riva, R.E.M. & Govers, R. (2009). Relating viscosities from postseismic relaxation to a realistic viscosity structure for the lithosphere. Geophysical Journal International, 176 (2), (pp. 614-624) (11 p.).
van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Edwards, M.A. & Govers, R. (2009). Geodynamics of collision and collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone - an introduction. In D.J.J. van Hinsbergen, M.A. Edwards & R. Govers (Eds.), Collision and Collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone (pp. 1-7) (7 p.). London: Geological Society of London.
Wortel, R., Govers, R. & Spakman, W. (2009). Continental collision and the STEP-wise evolution of convergent plate boundaries: From structure to dynamics. In S. Lallemand & F. Funiciello (Eds.), Subduction Zone Geodynamics (pp. 47-59) (276 p.). Berlin - Heidelberg: Springer, Subduction Zone Geodynamics Conference, Montpellier 2007.
  2009 - Professional publications
van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Edwards, M.A. & Govers, R. (2009). Collision and collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone. London: Geological Society of London.
  2009 - Other output
  2008 - Scholarly publications
De Franco, R., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2008). Dynamics of continental collision: influence of the plate contact. Geophysical Journal International, 174 (3), (pp. 1101-1120, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2008.03857.x) (1 p.).
De Franco, R., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2008). Nature of the plate contact and subduction zone diversity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 271 (1-4), (pp. 245-253, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.04.019) (2 p.).
  2008 - Popularising publications
Keulemans, M., ter Voorde, M. & Govers, R. (2008). Hoe de Middellandse Zee een zoutpan werd. Natuurwetenschap & Techniek, 76 (12), (pp. 12-13) (2 p.).
  2007 - Scholarly publications
De Franco, R., Govers, R. & Wortel, R. (2007). Numerical comparison of different convergent plate contacts: subduction channel and subduction fault. Geophysical Journal International, 171 (1), (pp. 435-450) (16 p.).
  2007 - Popularising publications
Govers, R. (2007). Stille kracht: de hand onder de Andes. Natuurwetenschap & Techniek, 75 (11), (pp. 45-50) (6 p.).
  2006 - Scholarly publications
Schmalzle, G., Dixon, T., Malservisi, R. & Govers, R. (2006). Strain Accumulation across the Carrizo Segment of the San Andreas Fault, California: Impact of Laterally Varying Crustal Properties. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 111 (B5), (pp. B05403-doi:10.1029/2005JB003843) (1561 p.).
  2005 - Scholarly publications
Govers, R. & Wortel, M.J.R. (2005). Lithosphere tearing at STEP faults: Response to edges of subduction zones. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 236 (1-2), (pp. 505-523) (19 p.).
  2004 - Popularising publications
Wortel, M.J.R. & Govers, R. (2004). Van continental drift tot plaattektoniek. In E. Berkens & et al. (Eds.), Geodesie. De Aarde verdeeld en verbeeld, berekend en getekend (pp. 42-45) (4 p.). Zutphen: Walburg Pers.
  2003 - Scholarly publications
Fernandes, R.M.S, Ambrosius, B.A.C., Noomen, R., Bastos, L., Wortel, M.J.R., Spakman, W. & Govers, R. (2003). The relative motion between Africa and Eurasia as derived from ITRF2000 and GPS data. Geophysical Research Letters, 30 (16), (pp. 1828) (1 p.).
  2002 - Scholarly publications
Buiter, S.J.H., Govers, R. & Wortel, M.J.R. (2002). Two-dimensional simulations of surface deformation caused by slab detachment. Tectonophysics, 354 (3-4), (pp. 195-210) (16 p.).
  2001 - Scholarly publications
Buiter, S.J.H., Govers, R. & Wortel, M.J.R. (2001). A modeling study of vertical surface displacements at convergent plate margins. Geophysical Journal International, 147 (2), (pp. 415-427) (13 p.).
Govers, R. & Meijer, P.Th. (2001). On the dynamics of the Juan de Fuca plate. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 189, (pp. 115-131) (17 p.).
van Wijk, J.W., Govers, R. & Furlong, K.P. (2001). Three-dimensional thermal modeling of the California upper mantle: a slab window vs. stalled slab. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 186, (pp. 175-186) (12 p.).
  2000 - Scholarly publications
Goes, S., Govers, R. & Vacher, P. (2000). Shallow mantle temperatures under Europe from P and S wave tomography. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105 (B5), (pp. 11153-11169) (17 p.).
Goes, S., Loohuis, J.J.P., Wortel, M.J.R. & Govers, R. (2000). The effect of plate stresses and shallow mantle temperatures on tectonics of northwestern Europe. Global and Planetary Change, 27, (pp. 23-38) (16 p.).
Kreemer, C., Holt, W.E., Goes, S. & Govers, R. (2000). Active deformation in eastern Indonesia and the Philippines form GPS and seismicity data. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105, (pp. 663-680) (18 p.).
  0 - Other output
R.M.A. Govers () Aardbeving Haïti was voorspeld door wetenschappers
R.M.A. Govers () Aardbeving: wen er maar aan
R.M.A. Govers () Aardbevingen in Noord-Nederland
R.M.A. Govers () Groningers flink geschrokken van aardbeving
R.M.A. Govers () Interview over de M=2.5 aardschok bij Castricum
R.M.A. Govers () Inwoners in de provincie Groningen trillen er nog letterlijk van na
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Bachelors courses

  • Introduction to Natural Hazards: Social, Economic and Earth Aspects
  • Lithosfeer dynamica

Masters courses

  • Tectonophysics
  • Hazards and risk assessment
  • Modeling crust and lithosphere deformation

Extracurricular courses

  • Lithosphere Applications of the Finite Element Method (LAFEM)
  • Mediterranean geodynamics (Erasmus+)
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