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  2018 - Scholarly publications
Brogi, Matteo, Giacobbe, P, Guilluy, G, de Kok, R.J., Sozzetti, A, Mancini, L & Bonomo, A.S. (2018). Exoplanet atmospheres with GIANO - I. Water in the transmission spectrum of HD 189733b. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 615 (10 p.).
de Kok, R.J., Tuinenburg, O.A., Bonekamp, P.N.J. & Immerzeel, W.W. (28.02.2018). Irrigation as a Potential Driver for Anomalous Glacier Behavior in High Mountain Asia. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (4), (pp. 2047–2054 ).
Vinatier, Sandrine, Schmitt, Bernard, Bezard, Bruno, Rannou, Pascal, Dauphin, Cyril, de Kok, R.J., Jennings, Donald & Flasar, Michael (2018). Study of Titan’s fall southern stratospheric polar cloud composition with Cassini/CIRS - Detection of benzene ice. Icarus, 310, (pp. 89-104).
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Teanby, Nicholas, Bezard, Bruno, Vinatier, Sandrine, Sylvestre, Melody, Nixon, Conor, Irwin, Patrick, de Kok, R.J., Calcutt, Simon & Flasar, Michael (2017). The formation and evolution of Titan’s winter polar vortex. Nature Communications, 8.
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