Dr. Ryanne Francot is a researcher and teacher at the department of DEvelopment and Education of youth in Diverse Societies (DEEDS).
In her research, she focuses on diversity and inclusion in education (both preschool and primary education), parental involvement and parent-teacher partnerships, and multilingualism and the influence of diverse linguistic environments.

Currently she is involved in the EVENING project, a national project that examines the effects of governmental policy within ECEC on early childhood development and the quality of ECEC. Besides this, she is projectleader of the Toddler Intake project, a regional project in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam and preschool organisation Peuter en Co.
Previously she was involved in the European Horizon2020 ISOTIS project. This project examined the nature, causes, and impact of early emerging social and educational inequalities at the local and national level in the context of socioeconomical cultural and institutional processes. 

Next to conducting research, she teaches several courses and supervises bachelor theses, master theses and internships.