R.J.M. (Rosan) Reusken

R.J.M. (Rosan) Reusken

Communications Consultant
Marketing, Communication and Multimedia
+31 6 38 169 776

Connecting science and society

I work as a communications advisor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. I help scientists communicate their message clearly. No texts and presentations full of nuances, jargon and background information, but a clear story. Whether it is for children, journalists or partners. There are refreshing and inspiring ways to do that! As for measuring the impact of your communication.

My goal is to make science more open, reliable and relevant to society.

My work includes such things as:

  • Communication advice for scientists at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, on - among others - presentations, media appearances, knowledge sharing Lower House, citizen science research, public engagement activitites, new research results and other news, reports, fact-sheets and opinion pieces.
  • Communication advice for consortia such as Netherlands Centre for One Health, CLAIRE and Regio Deal Foodvalley
  • Writing news and press releases and plugging news to journalists
  • Production of magazines Vetscience and Vetscience International
  • Organising events for stakeholders (such as debates, dialogues and working visits) and for the public (such as pop-up lectures and the Weekend of Science)

Rosan is also key user of the profile pages.


The Marketing, Communication and Multimedia department contributes to the aim of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to strengthen the relationship with its environment and thereby attract more talent, clients, research assignments and finances.