Dr. R. (Rutger) Hermsen

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer N602
3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. R. (Rutger) Hermsen

Assistant Professor
Theoretical Biology
+31 30 253 3840

Teaching activities

Currently I am the coordinator of the course Quantitative Biology, an obligatory course in the first year of the Biology curriculum. In that course I also teach the Statistics component.  In addition, I coordinate the course Advanced Statistics and "R", an elictive in the second year. That course I teach together with Dr. Yann Hautier. Besides, I provide smaller contributions in several other courses on the Bachelor and Master level, including in Complexity in the Sciences (on multilevel selection theory), Evolution 3 (on spatial models of evolution), and BiBC Essentials (on modeling stochastic processes).

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