Roberta D'Alessandro is professor of Linguistics / Syntax and Language Variation and Head of the Linguistics section at the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication. She is a member of the Institute for Language Sciences (ILS), where she coordinates the research group Language Structure: Variation and Change. 

She is editor-in-chief of the diamond Open Access journal Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics and of the Brill series Grammars and Sketches of the World's languages/Romance, and co-editor of the Language Science Press series Open Generative Syntax. She's the president of Going Romance.


Her research interests include syntactic variation, heritage language syntax, agreement, Italo-Romance dialectology, the syntax-phonology interface, syntactic change in contact, and language contact in migration contexts.

She is also involved in EU policy and science communication, as EU Commission Enlightenment 2.0. Meaningful and Ethical Communication. Scientific Advisor (2022 - ) and Knowledge for policy


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Linguistics - Syntax and Language Variation
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