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Artificial Intelligence None Informatics Interaction Technology Software Systems Virtual Worlds

Inklappen Expertises

pattern recognition
nonverbal behavior
behavior analysis
human-computer interaction
visual perception
computer graphics
Geometry Processing
Architectural Geometry
Computer-aided design
virtual worlds
social sciences
virtual humans
interaction design
algorithms for terrain models
algorithms for visualisation
algorithmic automation
Bayesian networks (not: Bayesian statistics)
behavior analysis
motion planning
business intelligence
cartography and graph drawing
combinatorial optimization
compiler construction
computational complexity
computational sustainability
computational humanities
computational geometry
computational modelling
computational musicology
computer graphics
computer vision
computer animation
Conceptual modelling of information systems
data analytics
Data Science
data mining
data modelling
Data Structures
digital publications
discrete mathematics
philosophy of computing
game technology
Geographic Information Science (GIS)
geometric similarity measures
information and computing sciences
information security
probability elicitation
Knowledge utilisation
knowledge discovery processes
Column generation
qualitative probabilistic networks (qpns)
LIDAR point clouds and reconstruction
linguistic engineering
machine learning
mathematical music theory
Method engineering
music cognition
natural language processing
new media
nonverbal behavior
music information retrieval
Enterprise modelling
path planning
pattern recognition
planning under uncertainty
Probabilistic graphical models (PGMs)
plagiarism detection for programs
programming languages
project management
health sector
sensitivity analysis
crowd simulation
software optimization
static analysis
Project funding
switching classes
text analytics
theoretical computer science
application of semantic web technologies
trajectory data
type systems
bridging science and humanities research
virtual worlds
philosophy of science
history of science

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