Dr. Paul Mepschen

College Hall
Campusplein 1
3584 ED Utrecht

Dr. Paul Mepschen

Assistant Professor
Scientific Personnel

I am a social anthropologist (University of Amsterdam, 2008) working as Assistant Professor at University College Utrecht since 2019.

In 2016, I defended my PhD-dissertation, an ethnographic study on culturalist representations and boundary construction in Amsterdam (cum laude). This project focused on difference and the everyday politics of home in a neighborhood in Amsterdam. My teaching and research interests include the interconnections of racism, nationalism, and sexuality; in- and exclusion; gender & queer politics; populism and the far-right; rural-urban relationships; and the history of the Left. 

At UCU, I teach Introduction to Anthropology; Decolonizing Anthropology; Engaging Citizenship: Media, Performance and Activism; and Citizenship, Difference and the Politics of Belonging. I am also a tutor, working with our students at UCU.

Office: Locke Jj.
Office hours: Mondays & Thursdays 13.00-15.00 hours. 
Or by appointment: p.j.h.mepschen@uu.nl.