Perro de Jong

Communications Officer
Communications & Marketing

I'm Perro de Jong, online editor at the faculty of Geosciences and charged with keeping a helicopter view of our digital channels of communication. Of which we have quite a lot: from websites and -pages to newsletters and social media.

With my background in both journalism and the technical nuts & bolts of running websites, I make sure the look and feel of our online communications matches the content: the stories we tell about our groundbreaking research and teaching for a sustainable Earth.

You can contact me for:

  • Setting up, managing and developing websites and web pages
  • Tips & workshops on the do's and don't of online communication
  • Troubleshooting Content Management Systems (CMS) and other digital tools
  • Advice on responsible and effective use of social media
  • Collecting and analysing website metrics
  • Supporting colleagues who are active online