Dr. Patricia Post-Nievelstein

Newton Hall
Campusplein 11-14
Kamer KK
3584 ED Utrecht

Dr. Patricia Post-Nievelstein

Assistant Professor
Scientific Personnel
+31 30 253 9065

Biography Dr. Patricia F.E.M. Post-Nievelstein

Nationality Dutch.

Since 2001 till present she is appointed at University College Utrecht the Netherlands: from 2001-2003 as tutor; from 2003-2013 as tutor/ science laboratory coordinator and biology instructor (basic qualification in teaching was obtained in 2004); from 2013-july 2019 as Head tutor/instructor. And since august 2019 as tutor/instructor/chair of the Admissions Board. 

Research background:

From 1977-1983 she studied Biology at the State University Utrecht, Utrecht, and The Netherlands. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in general biology in 1980 and her Masters degree in 1983. Main masters research topics are: Plant Ecology and Human and Animal Cell biology (with a focus on ultra structural analysis). In addition she completed a minor in Endocrinology and she obtained her higher level secondary  school teaching qualification.

From 1983-1988 she was appointed as research fellow at the Department of Hematology, Faculty of Medicine, State University Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands, were she obtained her PhD in 1988.

From 1989-1992 she worked as post-doctoral research fellow (assistant professor) at the Cardiovascular Research Laboratories, UCLA, School of Medicine, and Los Angeles, California, USA. After that she returned to Utrecht University and worked for two more years as assistant professor in a joined project of the Department of Herd Health and Reproduction, Veterinary School, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, and The department of Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty Biology, and University of Utrecht.