Dr. P.D. (Philipp) Keidl

Assistant Professor
Media and Performance Studies
Media and Performance Studies



Scholarly publications

Keidl, P. D. (2024). Cinephilic Fandom. In P. Eugène, K. Ince, & M. Siegel (Eds.), Serge Daney and Queer Cinephilia (pp. 279-304). (CONFIGURATIONS OF FILM). Meson Press. https://meson.press/books/serge-daney-and-queer-cinephilia/


Scholarly publications

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Scholarly publications

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Scholarly publications

Keidl, P. D. (2021). Research Prompt: Sex-Ed. Canadian Educational, Sponsored, and Industrial Film Project. http://www.screenculture.org/cesif/research-prompt-1-sex-ed
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Scholarly publications

Keidl, P. D., Hediger, V., Melamed, L., & Somaini, A. (Eds.) (2020). Pandemic Media: Preliminary Notes Toward an Inventory. (Configurations of Film). Meson Press. https://meson.press/books/pandemic-media/
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Scholarly publications

Keidl, P. D., & Bartolomé Herrera, B. (2017). How Star Wars Became Museological: Transmedia Storytelling in the Exhibition Space. In S. A. Guynes , & D. Hassler-Forest (Eds.), Star Wars and the History of Transmedia Storytelling (pp. 155–68). Amsterdam University Press. https://doi.org/10.1515/9789048537433-013
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