Philip did a master in physical geography with a focus on remote sensing, geographical information systems and geostatistics. He has a heart for object-based image analyses and climate data.

At the moment he is a full time PhD candidate at Utrecht University where he works on the Climate-KIC funded project IceSpy: drones as smart innovation technology in the monitoring of glaciers. In this project he monitors the dynamics of (debris-covered) glaciers using unmanned aerial vehicles in order to learn more about spatial and temporal variability in melt and flow patterns, and about the role that surface features such as supraglacial lakes and ice cliffs have in glacier melt.

External page with more information about his PhD project

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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Curriculum vitae
Professional experience

2014 - present
Universiteit Utrecht: PhD Candidate

Working on a Climate-KIC funded project in which the dynamics of (debris-covered) glaciers are monitored using unmanned aerial vehicles in order to learn more about spatial and temporal variability in melt and flow patterns, and about the role of surface features.

FutureWater (Wageningen, The Netherlands): Hydrologist

Involved in several projects for this consultancy. Responsibilities include providing climate data to partners and clients, performing climate analyses and setting up a web mapping service.

2013 - 2014
Universiteit Utrecht: Research associate

Working on a research project in which a Nepalese glacier is studied using imagery from a unmanned aerial vehicle. Besides going on expedition to Nepal, I was responsible for data processing, co-authoring a scientific paper (writing, creating figures) and presenting the results to colleagues and students.

2012 - 2013
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI, De Bilt, The Netherlands): Intern

Responsible for the transformation of temperature and precipitation data from CMIP5 climate models for the KNMI’14 climate scenario report using my own written R-scripts. Activities also encompassed regular consultation with colleagues, writing an elaborate report and a manual for the scripts, and presenting (intermediate) results. Furthermore, I have helped out colleagues with their tasks using my GIS skills multiple times.

Universiteit Utrecht: Student assistant

Student assistant for the practicals of the ‘Hands-on GIS’ course. Responsibilities were aiding the students with their exercises, explaining certain GIS techniques and solving technical problems.

  • Oral presentations
  • Writing reports and theses
  • Spatial analyses with a GIS (e.g. ArcGIS, IMAGINE, QGIS, PCRaster)
  • Multispectral remote sensing analyses (e.g. ENVI, IMAGINE, eCognition)
  • Image classifications (e.g. ENVI, IMAGINE, eCognition)
  • High-level programming (e.g. Bash, MS-Prompt, Python, MATLAB, R, HTML)
  • Numerical modelling (e.g. PCRaster, Python, MATLAB, R)


  • Remote sensing
  • GIS
  • River (morpho)dynamics
  • Climate change
  • Glaciology


  • Dutch (native)
  • English (professional)
  • French (elementary)
  • German (elementary)
  • Hungarian (elementary)

2010 - 2013
Universiteit Utrecht

Master Physical Geography (cum laude)

2006 - 2010
Universiteit Utrecht

Bachelor Earth Sciences

2000 – 2006
Coornhert Gymnasium Gouda

Pre-university secondary education


March 5th, 2015
International Symposium on Glaciology in High-Mountain Asia

Best oral presentation by a student

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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Lutz, A., Immerzeel, W.W., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A., Shresta, A.B. & Bierkens, M.F.P. (09.11.2016). Climate Change Impacts on the Upper Indus Hydrology: Sources, Shifts and Extremes. PLoS One, 11 (11), (pp. 1-33).
Kargel, J. S., Leonard, G. J., Shugar, D. H., Haritashya, U. K., Bevington, A., Fielding, E. J., Fujita, K., Geertsema, M., Miles, E. S., Steiner, J., Anderson, E., Bajracharya, S., Bawden, G. W., Breashears, D. F., Byers, A., Collins, B., Dhital, M. R., Donnellan, A., Evans, T. L., Geai, M. L., Glasscoe, M. T., Green, D., Gurung, D. R., Heijenk, R., Hilborn, A., Hudnut, K., Huyck, C., Immerzeel, W. W., Liming, Jiang, Jibson, R., Kääb, A., Khanal, N. R., Kirschbaum, D., Kraaijenbrink, P. D A, Lamsal, D., Shiyin, Liu, Mingyang, Lv, McKinney, D., Nahirnick, N. K., Zhuotong, Nan, Ojha, S., Olsenholler, J., Painter, T. H., Pleasants, M., Pratima, K. C., Yuan, Q. I., Raup, B. H., Regmi, D., Rounce, D. R., Sakai, A., Donghui, Shangguan, Shea, J. M., Shrestha, A. B., Shukla, A., Stumm, D., van der Kooij, M., Voss, K., Xin, Wang, Weihs, B., Wolfe, D., Lizong, Wu, Xiaojun, Yao, Yoder, M. R. & Young, N. (08.01.2016). Geomorphic and geologic controls of geohazards induced by Nepal's 2015 Gorkha earthquake. Science, 351 (6269), (pp. aac8353).
Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A., Shea, J.M., Pellicciotti, F., de Jong, S.M. & Immerzeel, W.W. (01.12.2016). Object-based analysis of unmanned aerial vehicle imagery to map and characterise surface features on a debris-covered glacier. Remote Sensing of Environment, 186, (pp. 581) (595 p.).
Brun, Fanny, Buri, Pascal, Miles, Evan S., Wagnon, Patrick, Steiner, J.F., Berthier, Etienne, Ragettli, S., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A., Immerzeel, W.W. & Pellicciotti, Francesca (2016). Quantifying volume loss from ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers using high-resolution terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. Journal of Glaciology, 62 (234), (pp. 684-695).
Vincent, Christian, Wagnon, Patrick, Shea, Joseph M., Immerzeel, W.W., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A., Shrestha, Dibas, Soruco, Alvaro, Arnaud, Yves, Brun, Fanny, Berthier, E. & Sherpa, Sonam Futi (22.08.2016). Reduced melt on debris-covered glaciers: investigations from Changri Nup Glacier, Nepal. Cryosphere, 10, (pp. 1845-1858).
Kraaijenbrink, Philip, Meijer, Sander W., Shea, Joseph M., Pellicciotti, Francesca, De Jong, Steven M. & Immerzeel, Walter W. (2016). Seasonal surface velocities of a Himalayan glacier derived by automated correlation of unmanned aerial vehicle imagery. Annals of Glaciology, 57 (71), (pp. 103-113) (11 p.).
  2016 - Other output
Addink, E.A., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A. & Kleinhans, M.G. (08.04.2016). Reconstructing the Ganges delta from satellite imagery, connecting individual channels into rivers.
  2015 - Other output
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Immerzeel, W. W., Kraaijenbrink, P. D A, Shea, J. M., Shrestha, A. B., Pellicciotti, F., Bierkens, M. F P & De Jong, S. M. (01.01.2014). High-resolution monitoring of Himalayan glacier dynamics using unmanned aerial vehicles. Remote Sensing of Environment, 150, (pp. 93-103) (11 p.).
  2013 - Other output
Sperna Weiland, Frederiek, Buishand, Adri, Kraaijenbrink, Philip, Ruiter, Astrid, van Pelt, Saskia, Schellekens, Jaap & Beersma, Jules (01.04.2013). Assessment of future changes in Meuse discharge extremes. (1 p.).
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