Pepijne van Rooijen

Pepijne van Rooijen

Student Assessor
Faculty Board
Student Assistant
Applied Economics
+31 6 41 395 322

Faculty Board Humanities

Pepijne is student assessor (student member) of the Humanities Faculty Board 2023-2024. As a member of the faculty board, Pepijne advises on education and other issues important to students. Between the students, study associations and foundations, the faculty board, the participation council (and other student representatives) and faculty staff, the assessor is like a spider in the web.



Global Engagement

Additionally, Pepijne works as a student assistant at Global Engagement, part of the internationalization program within UU. Global Engagement focuses on collaborations between UU and the world outside of Western Europe.



  • MA History of Politics & Society
  • BA Communication and Information Studies 
  • Minors: International Relations; Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


Contact information
Building: Transcomplex
Trans 10
Room 0.02B
3512 JK Utrecht

Phone: +31 6 41395322
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