Dr. Oscar Romero Goyeneche

Economic Geography

With a background in evolutionary ecology, environmental science, and sustainability transitions, I am an interdisciplinary researcher driven to bridge the gap between science, technology innovation and real-world impact. My expertise lies in developing mixed-methods approaches to uncover the transformative potential of science and technology in addressing interconnected social and environmental challenges.

As a postdoctoral researcher within the dynamic ST4TE project, I study the convergence between green and digital transitions and their potential impacts on societal inequality across European regions.

My task as a postdoctoral research include leveraging a comprehensive data sources, including patents, scientific publications, and environmental indicators, I evaluate strategies and mechanisms aimed at accelerating the green transition. Simultaneously, I explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in addressing pressing social and environmental challenges.

 Key to our investigation is understanding how the convergence of these transitions may amplify existing social disparities and environmental issues, such as industrial pollution or unemployment. Through complex systems indicators, and network analysis, we identify regions effectively integraiting technological capabilities while shedding light on challenges hindering integration in others.