Dr. Onno Kosters

Modern and Contemporary Literature
Assistant Professor
+31 30 253 4243

Onno Kosters is an Assistant Professor of English literature and Translation Studies at Utrecht University. His teaching and research fields are English and Anglo-Irish literature 1700-present, and translation studies. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on James Joyce (Ending in Progress: Final Sections in James Joyce’s Prose Fictions, 1999), and has published on Joyce, Samuel Beckett, T.S. Eliot, E.E. Cummings, Seamus Heaney, Weldon Kees, Derek Walcott, and many others. 

Kosters guest-edited volume 14.1 (2015) of Hypermedia Joyce Studies, dedicated to Joyce's poetry. He is a member of the editorial board of European Joyce Studies, and was between 2016 and 2022 a trustee of the International James Joyce Foundation. He was the director of “a long the krommerun: XXIV International James Joyce Symposium, Utrecht, June 2014”, and editor, with Tim Conley and Peter de Voogd, of the selected papers of the Symposium (Brill Publications, 2016, no. 24 in the European Joyce Studies series).

Sample publications (for a full list, see Publications):

  • 'De eigenstandige ruïne: Een nieuwe vertaling van The Waste Land. Filter. Tijdschrift over vertalen, 30 (1, 2023), 111-122; continued here: https://www.tijdschrift-filter.nl/webfilter/dossier/nieuwe-vertaling-van-the-waste-land/2023/
  • 'Pre-echoing the Bones: Samuel Beckett's Early Poems and Translations as Transpositions', in Samuel Beckett's Poetry, ed. James Brophy and William Davies, CUP 2022, pp. 54-69. 
  • Kosters, O. (2021). Stopped in Holland: Samuel Beckett in Dutch Translation. In Translating Samuel Beckett around the World: New Interpretations of Beckett in the Twenty-First Century (pp. 41-60). Palgrave Macmillan. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-71730-8_3
  • Kosters, O. R. (2020). “Perhaps the less we quarrel, the more we hate”: Joseph Baretti’s Second Sojourn in Britain (1766-1789). Kamen'. Rivista di poesia e filosofia, XXIX(56), 77-98.
  • Kosters, O. R. (2019). Bless James Joyce: Re-reading Wyndham Lewis's Attack on Joyce. In M. Tortora, & A. Volpone (Eds.), Borders of Modernism (pp. 23-42). (European Modernism; Vol. 5).
  • Kosters, O. R. (2019). De regels voorbij: Het vertalen van poëzie. In L. D'Hulst, & C. Van de Poel (Eds.), Alles verandert: Opstellen over het vertalen van literatuur (pp. 169-182). Leuven UP. 
  • Kosters, O. R. (2018). De beestjes en hun namen: Derek Walcotts Omeros. Filter, 25(1), 46-51.
  • Kosters, O. R. (2018). "The gantelope of sense and nonsense run": Echo's Bones and Other Precipitates in the 1930s. In O. Beloborodova (Ed.), Beckett and Modernism (pp. 129-145). (Palgrave Studies in Modern European Literature ). Palgrave Macmillan. 

Creative work

To date, Kosters has published five collections of poetry; selections from his creative work have been translated into English, German and French (for more information, see www.doelverdediger.nl). In 2013 he was awarded the annual Turing Poetry Award.

Kosters’ translation into Dutch of Beckett’s novel Watt was published in 2006 and awarded the annual Filter Translation Award. His translation (with Han van der Vegt) of Heaney’s penultimate collection District and Circle was published in 2013 (Meulenhoff publishers); Kosters’ and Van der Vegt’s translation of Adam Foulds’s The Broken Word was published in 2014. His translation of Patti Smith's The New Jerusalem was published in 2018; his translation of Ocean Vuong's collection Time is a Mother was published in April 2022.