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Olga Panteleeva studied musicology at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory (BA) and Utrecht

University (MA) and earned her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015.

She specializes in 20th and 21st century music culture, the historiography of music of the 19th

and 20th centuries, and sociology of online music communities. Having acquired musicological

education in Russia, the Netherlands and the USA, Olga Panteleeva brings diverse scholarly

perspectives and methods to her research and classroom. Her writing and teaching are also

informed by her background as a pianist and a music critic.

Her dissertation project “Formation of Russian Musicology from Sacchetti to Asafyev (1885-

1931)” explored Russian thought about music in the decades leading up to the establishment of

the music research department at the Institute for Art History in St Petersburg. Drawing on a

variety of hitherto little-known archival materials, this project showed how Russian musicology

grew up in dialogue with the broader intellectual developments of the period. Olga Panteleeva is

presently working on a monograph, based on her PhD dissertation.

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