Dr. Oscar van Vliet

Knowledge Valorisation Officer
Research Support Office

The Research Support Office at the faculty of Geosciences has a mission to provide integral research support (information on grants, legal, finance, project management) to faculty members, and to assist them in technology transfer activities and 'valorisation' in general. Oscar supports the department of Physical Geography as funding advisor and manages the NWA project, Living on Soft Soils.

In his previous career, Oscar was an energy transitions researcher and teacher, most recently from 2013 to 2019 at the Climate Policy group at ETH Zürich, looking at short term policy-relevant questions, mostly on immediate barriers to changes in our energy supply. Before that, he worked as a research scholar at IIASA, where he worked on long-term energy scenarios, mostly using the MESSAGE model. He did his PhD at Utrecht university on alternatives to diesel and petrol, where he looked at how second-generation biofuels and hybrid-electric cars may develop. Oscar used a mixed bag of methods ranging from energy systems models to discourse analysis, preferring to use the scientific methods that were most relevant to the problem at hand.