Dr. Noortje van Amsterdam

Assistant Professor
Sport Matters
Organisation Science
+31 30 253 7459

My research focusses on bodies and health in organisations. Informed by feminist poststructuralist theory, intersectionality and new materialism, I aim to explore the materialities, affective flows and ideological power structures that create inequalities related to embodied signifiers such as gender, dis/ability, age, size and race/ethnicity. I combine my critical theoretical viewpoint and conventional qualitative methodologies with creative methodologies (e.g. Arts-Based Research, CAP ethnographies, visual methods, autoethnograpic writing) to shed light on the everyday experiences of people with (their) bodies and health and to inspire critical reflexivity and empathic understanding.


Areas of expertise include:

- Gendered practices and experiences in organizations related to health, size, the menopause, motherhood, and disability.

- Arts-Based Research, creative writing and poetry in particular (see also www.poetryatwork.me)