Dr. Noortje van Amsterdam

Assistant Professor
Sport Matters
Organisation Science
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Roundtable ‘AI in Cultural Inquiry and Art: Thinking and Making in the Algorithmic Condition’Noortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
9 Jun 2022
, Meet the People from Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence


Fat stigma at work. Surfacing affect and materiality through poetry.Noortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
2 Dec 2020
Affective circulations and material becomings. The viral spread of inequalities during the pandemic.Noortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
Sept 2020
, Gender and Diversity Hub Brown Bag Lunch
Exploring affect and embodiment through feminism, new materialism and arts-based researchNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
18 Mar 2020
, Methods That Matter


Journeys into DiversityN. van Amsterdam (Organiser)
19 Jun 201928 Jun 2019
Let's talk about... de overgangNoortje van Amsterdam (Organiser)
11 Apr 2019
Journey into DiversityN. van Amsterdam (Organiser)
11 Mar 201929 Oct 2019


IUAES inter-congressNoortje van Amsterdam (Participant)
7 May 2016


Lichaamsnormen in sport en bewegingsonderwijs Gender, validiteit en gezondheidNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
9 Nov 2015
Keynote lecture 'Let’s talk about fat. Raising critical questions and debunking cultural myths.'Noortje van Amsterdam (Keynote speaker)
29 Oct 2015
, Unruly Bodies. Gender/Norms/Resistance’
Who’s afraid of Fat? Deconstructing mediatized meanings surrounding body sizeNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
8 Oct 2015
Embodied research. Doing autoethnography through stories and poetryNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
5 Oct 2015
Making Space and Sports: Gender, religious and ethnic diversitiesNoortje van Amsterdam (Participant)
17 Sept 201518 Sept 2015
Sport, Education and Society (Journal)Noortje van Amsterdam (Peer reviewer)
2015 → …
Gender and Education (Journal)Noortje van Amsterdam (Peer reviewer)
2015 → …
Culture and Organization (Journal)Noortje van Amsterdam (Peer reviewer)
2015 → …


Embodied writing. Doing autoethnography through stories and poetryNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
2 Oct 2014
Embodied writing. Exploring the added value of stories, poetry and other arts forms as academic practicesNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
2 Jul 2014
, LOVA annual summer school
Keynote lecture: Fastidious Fatness. An intersectional approach to weight stigmatizationNoortje van Amsterdam (Keynote speaker)
24 Jun 2014
, Annual Weight Stigma Conference


It's actually very normal that I'm different. Discursive constructions and performative strategies of Dutch disabled youth regarding their body/self.Noortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
16 Nov 2012
, The Research Associates Meeting. Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University.
Normal and/or Different? Constructions and Performances regarding the body/self of Dutch disabled youth.Noortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
23 Oct 2012
, Guest lecture in the course Feminist perspectives on health. Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University.
INSPIRE (External organisation)Noortje van Amsterdam (Member)
2012 → …


Sport in the NetherlandsNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
1 Jul 2010
, Presentation to Sport Travel Academy at U. of Utrecht (Utrecht)


Physical education teachers’ discursive constructions of the bodyNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
19 Aug 2009
, Paper presented at the Copenhagen Summer School, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen)
The body as a given and a project: PE teachers’ discourses on the bodyNoortje van Amsterdam (Invited speaker)
15 Jun 2009
, Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA)