Marijke de Valck (1975) is associate professor in media studies in the Department of Media and Culture. She holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam  (film festivals - 2006, cum laude), where she previously worked as associate professor and program director of the master’s programme Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image. At Utrecht University she is coordinator of the Arts and Society master’s programme.

Her research is situated on the intersections of film studies, cultural studies and globalization studies. She is specialized in film festivals, and has particular interest in the cultural dynamics of diverging interests and multiple actors that are played out in and through these nodes for alternative film cultures. Her festival research ranges from programming issues, to audience research, industry activities and film circulation, and contributes to research on transformations in the cultural sector at large: globalization, digitization and economization. Other topics studied are archiving, television, and makeover culture. 

Her recent projects include the NWO funded “Cinephiles in the Making,” a study on two particular audience groups of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice, a textbook edited with Brendan Kredell and Skadi Loist (Routledge 2016).

Together with Skadi Loist Marijke founded the Film Festival Research Network (2008) which connects more than 600 researchers and practitioners in the field. She is co-founder of the NECS workgroup on Film Festival Research (2008 ->) and co-edits the NECSUS festival review section (2012 ->) as well as the Palgrave Macmillan book series Framing Film Festivals (2012 ->). She sits on the advisory board of the journal Film Studies (Manchester University Press) and the book series Remapping World Cinemas: Regional and Global Transformations (Routledge). 

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All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
de Valck, M. (2017). Current trends across three European human rights film festivals. NECSUS European Journal of Media Studies, 6 (1).
de Valck, M. (2017). Screening World Cinema at Film Festivals - Festivalization and (Staged) Authenticity. In Rob Stone, Paul Cooke, Stephanie Dennison & Alex Marlow-Mann (Eds.), Routledge Companion to World Cinema (pp. 393-403). London: Routledge.
  2016 - Scholarly publications
de Valck, M., Kredell, Brendan & Loist, Skadi (2016). Film Festivals - History, Theory, Method, Practice. (238 p.). London: Routledge.
de Valck, M. (2016). Film Festivals: Mediating the Mainstream and Marginal Voices. In Yannis Tzioumakis & Claire Molloy (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Cinema and Politics (pp. 329-338). Routledge.
de Valck, M. (2016). Fostering Art, Adding Value, Cultivating Taste - Film Festivals as Sites of Cultural Legitimization. Film Festivals - History, Theory, Method, Practice (pp. 100-116). London: Routledge.
de Valck, M. (2016). Introduction: What is a Film Festival? How to Study Festivals and Why You Should. Film Festivals - History, Theory, Method, Practice (pp. 1-11). London: Routledge.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
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Completed projects

Cinephiles in the making? to 01.09.2016
General project description

NWO Alfa Meerwaarde project
Collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam

Film festivals attract diverse audiences, streching from passionate film lovers to incidental visitors. This project focuses on the audience groups least studied: those who visit one to four films, three quarters of the total number of visitors at the festival in Rotterdam. Are thess cinephiles in the making? Can the festival nurture cinephile behavior with particular services or communication? 

Role Project Leader Funding
NWO grant
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External project members:
  • Martje van Nes (IFFR)
  • Jodie de Groot (IFFR)
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