dr. Monique Simons
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Monique Simons has a background in Human Movement Science.  Before she started working at the Utrecht University she worked as a researcher at TNO, Expertise Center Life Style.  At TNO she worked on multiple projects on physical activity promotion and prevention of overweight and gained a special interest in using interactive technology for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her interest in interactive technology for health promotion motivated her to do her PhD on active video games at the VU University Amsterdam, the EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research, TNO and Body@Work TNO-VUmc. In 2011 she obtained an EMGO+ travel grant and visited professor Thomas Baranowski at the Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas), where she worked on one of the largest research project on video games for a healthy lifestyle in children. In 2015 she started working as a postdoctoral researcher at Tranzo (Tilburg University) on the ‘Move your Neighborhood’ project, evaluating the effects of policy-induced changes in the environment on physical activity in primary school children. In April 2015 she started at Utrecht University as a postdoctoral researcher within the research program Healthy Urban Living. Here, she is working on research proposals to continue her research on how interactive technology can be harnessed for promoting a healthy lifestyle in a fun and effective manner.

Scientific expertise
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All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
de la Hera Conde-Pumpido, T., Loos, E.F., Simons, M. & Blom, J. (2017). Benefits and Factors Influencing the Design of Intergenerational Digital Games: A Systematic Literature Review. Societies, 7 (18) (15 p.).
  2017 - Professional publications
Loos, E.F., de la Hera Conde-Pumpido, T. & Simons, M. (2017). Schaatsen in de klas: over de grenzen van talen en culturen heen. Sport en Strategie, 11 (5), (pp. 20-20) (1 p.).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
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Simons, Monique, Brug, Johannes, Chinapaw, Mai J M, de Boer, Michiel, Seidell, Jaap & de Vet, Emely (2015). Replacing Non-Active Video Gaming by Active Video Gaming to Prevent Excessive Weight Gain in Adolescents. PLoS One, 10 (7), (pp. e0126023).
Simons, Monique, Chinapaw, Mai J M, Brug, Johannes, Seidell, Jaap & de Vet, Emely (2015). Associations between active video gaming and other energy-balance related behaviours in adolescents - a 24-hour recall diary study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 12 (32) (6 p.).
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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Baranowski, Tom, Maddison, Ralph, Maloney, Ann, Medina, Ernie & Simons, Monique (2014). Building a Better Mousetrap (Exergame) to Increase Youth Physical Activity. Games for health journal, 3 (2), (pp. 72-8) (7 p.).
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Simons, Monique, de Vet, Emely, Chinapaw, Mai Jm, de Boer, Michiel, Seidell, Jacob C & Brug, Johannes (2014). Personal, social, and game-related correlates of active and non-active gaming among dutch gaming adolescents - survey-based multivariable, multilevel logistic regression analyses. JMIR serious games, 2 (1), (pp. e4).
Simons, Monique, De Vries, Sanne I., Jongert, Tinus & Verheijden, Marieke W. (2014). Energy expenditure of three public and three home-based active video games in children. Computers in Entertainment, 11 (1).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Baranowski, Moderator Tom, Adamo, Participants Kristi B, Hingle, Melanie, Maddison, Ralph, Maloney, Ann, Simons, Monique & Staiano, Amanda (2013). Gaming, Adiposity, and Obesogenic Behaviors Among Children. Games for health journal, 2 (3), (pp. 119-26) (8 p.).
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  2012 - Scholarly publications
Simons, Monique, Bernaards, Claire & Slinger, Jantine (2012). Active gaming in Dutch adolescents - a descriptive study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 9, (pp. 118).
Simons, Monique, de Vet, Emely, Hoornstra, Sjoukje, Brug, Johannes, Seidell, Jaap & Chinapaw, Mai (2012). Adolescents' Views on Active and Non-Active Videogames - A Focus Group Study. Games for health journal, 1 (3), (pp. 211-8) (8 p.).
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Hendriksen, Ingrid J M, Simons, Monique, Garre, Francisca Galindo & Hildebrandt, Vincent H (2010). The association between commuter cycling and sickness absence. Preventive Medicine, 51 (2), (pp. 132-5) (4 p.). Copyright 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
  2009 - Scholarly publications
Simons, Monique, Van Es, Eline & Hendriksen, Ingrid (2009). Electrically assisted cycling - a new mode for meeting physical activity guidelines?. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 41 (11), (pp. 2097-102) (6 p.).
  2008 - Scholarly publications
Bernaards, Claire M, Ariëns, Geertje A M, Simons, Monique, Knol, Dirk L & Hildebrandt, Vincent H (2008). Improving work style behavior in computer workers with neck and upper limb symptoms. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 18 (1), (pp. 87-101) (15 p.).
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Completed projects

Ice skating exergame played by refugees and Dutch children in school classes 01.10.2016 to 31.10.2017
General project description

The purpose of this project is to explore how exergames (digital games combining exercise with game play) and the playful interactions fostered during play can contribute to establish, reinforce or change the nature of social interactions among refugees and Dutch children in school classes. Exergame play enables multiple players to compete or cooperate on a team, thereby providing both a virtual and a real social interaction. Because exergame play allows youth to take their eyes off their peers and direct their attention toward a screen, game play may reduce body self-consciousness during physical activity.

Role Researcher Funding
Utrecht University: Focus Area Sports And Society
Project members UU
Exploring the possibilities of intergenerational digital game design 01.09.2015 to 31.08.2016
General project description

This explorative study aims to shed light on intergenerational digital game design patterns. The question is how intergenerational gaming between older and younger individuals (e.g. grandparents and grandchildren) can be designed and used to promote their mental, physical and social wellbeing/bonding. Output: a literature review and a research protocol.

Role Researcher Funding
Utrecht University: Focus Area Game Research
Project members UU
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Additional functions and activities

Project manager coalition Applied Gaming for Healthy Aging, Vital Innovators

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dr. M. Simons Contact details
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The Netherlands

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