Mark Baldwin BA

College Hall
Campusplein 1
3584 ED Utrecht

Mark Baldwin BA

Policy Adviser

In 2011 I was appointed at University College Utrecht (UCU). Since then my role and responsibiities have grown. Now, as Senior Counsellor, they include:


-  oversight and management of the college's wellbeing strategy

-  personal and group counselling in all non-academic areas, and oversight of the Connect Centre for Counselling and Guidance

-  Founder/Chair of the national University College Guidance Network

-  member of UU-wide Studentenwelzijn 'Deelgroep'      

-  management of the UCU Futures Centre

-  Co-Founder/co-Chair of the national University College Future Orientation Network

- member of international Expert Panel for global ‘Healthy Campus Standard’ led by the International University Sports federation (FISU) 

-  crisis intervention

-  supporting students' extra-curricular initiatives on/off campus

-  facilitating self-reflection and goal setting

-  membership of the scholarship advisory committee & management of the Student Aid Fund

-  policy development

...and various other projects.


The extended scope and reach of my work is now more comparable to a Dean of Student Affairs in a UK setting.

An overview of my professional development and training is included in my CV - see link in menu bar.