Dr. Luisa García-Manso

Assistant Professor
Modern and Contemporary Literature

I am a specialist in Hispanic Theatre, Literature and Gender Studies. My research agenda deals with the social and political challenges of our time: gender equality, cultural diversity and social cohesion. I am committed to investigating how cultural representations impact on society by endorsing, challenging or even changing the way we perceive ourselves and others. 

My teaching and research focus on the following topics:

  • Spanish Contemporary Theatre (20th-21st centuries, applied theatre, community theatre, documentary theatre, historical drama, gender, memory, collective identities, migration, exile, women playwrights)
  • The literature and legacy of the Spanish Republican exile of 1939 (theatre and literature of and about the exile, gender, women writers, literary canon, genealogy)
  • Hispanic Contemporary Literature and Culture (21st century, Argentina, Chile, Spain, postmemory, dictatorship, evil, gender, transcultural connections, autofiction) 

Currently, I am working on a new line of research on participatory forms of theatre where real people -instead of professional actors- give testimony of their lives.