Kalijn Peters

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 2.90
3584 CB Utrecht

In my project I focus on the formation and evolution of metamorphic soles: thin slices of metamorphic rocks underneath pieces of old oceanic lithosphere (ophiolites). I will determine under what conditions and when metamorhic soles form, what their relation is to the overlying ophiolites and if/how these metamorphic rocks can be related to the initiation of subduction. 

For this purpose, I estimate the pressure and temperature conditions of formation and cooling of the metamorphic rocks, based on stable mineral assemblages and pseudosection modelling. Besides, I date the metamorphic sole with the use U-Pb chronology on zircon and titanite, Lu-Hf chronology on garnet and Ar-Ar on hornblende and white mica. For this project I collected samples from the Pinarbasi ophiolite in Turkey and the Pindos and Vourinos ophiolites in Greece.