Kristi Jauregi Ondarra is associate professor at Utrecht University. She is involved in the Educational Minor and Master of Foreign Language Pedagogy, Intercultural Communication and Spanish Language and Culture. Her main research interest is on studying the educational affordances of integrating online intercultural collaboration projects (telecollaboration or virtual exchange) in the (foreign) language curricula.

Innovation Projects

She is the initiator and projectleader of projects subsidized by the European Commission:

  • E-LIVE (Engaging Languages in Intercultural Virtual Exchange, 2022-2024) about integrating Virtual Exchange (online international cooperation and communication projects) at schools and at teacher training institutions (
  • TeCoLa (Pedagogical Differentiation through Telecollaboration and Gaming for Intercultural and Content Integrated Language Education, 2016-2019), about Gamified Telecollaboration in foreign language teaching at secondary and vocational education  (
  • TILA (Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition, 2013-2015), on the integration of online intercultural exchanges in the foreign language curriculum at secondary schools (
  • NIFLAR (Networked Interaction for Foreign Language Acquisition and Research, 2009-2011) on the use of video communication and 3D virtual environments to promote intercultural communication skills of foreign languages students (

She recently led a project about Serious Games and Gamification in foreign language teaching within the innovation project Eindhoven2030 (2015-2016).

She has collaborated on the EUROVERSITY network project (2011-2014) on the implementation of 3D virtual worlds for cross-border education ( European grant.

Previously, she participated in the Surf Project Concourse, for deploying a virtual environment to stimulate collaborative writing.

Other tasks

She is member of the editorial board of:
- EuroCALL Review Journal, and
-The Journal of Teaching English with Technology.

Until 2019 she was a member of the Dutch National Expertise Team on Foreign Language Pedagogy, with the aim of strengthening education and research on foreign language pedagogy in the humanities and was involved in the national action plan within Sustainable Humanities: More well-trained teachers for the school languages.

She has chaired EuroCALL Special Interest Group in Virtual Worlds & Serious Games (2015-2017).

Between 2012 and 2015 she has been part time full professor on Foreign Language Pedagogy in a Changing Learning Context at Fontys Teacher Education Tilburg.