Prof. dr. Martin Wassen

Prof. dr. Martin Wassen

Environmental Sciences
+31 30 253 5764

I am driven by curiosity about how ecosystems work and interact with the environment. I am an ecologist working on terrestrial and wetland ecosystems and their functioning in a changing world (land use change, water management, global change). I strongly believe that science has a task in sharing its knowledge with society.


Martin Wassen (1957) is professor in Environmental Sciences. He is head of the research group Environmental Sciences and was head of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development (2007-2016) at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University.  He has published c. 150 articles in refereed journals including Nature, PNAS, Ecology and The American Naturalist.


He was vice-president of the board of Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, an influential NGO for nature protection in the Netherlands with c. 750.000 members (2007-2015).


Fieldwork with Stef Koop

Fieldwork with Shuqiong Wang

Nature cover publication (Volume 437 Issue 7058, 22 September 2005) about nutrient enrichment and plant species extinction (Wassen et al. 2005)
Environmental Sciences
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