Jill Alpes works as a researcher at the University of Utrecht on the EU Turkey deal and as senior policy officer on human rights and deportations at Amnesty Netherlands. She is the author of “Abroad at any cost: Brokering High-risk migration and illegality in West Africa” (Routledge) and has published broadly in international journals, such as Africa, Social and Legal Studies, POLAR and Identities, on exploitative labour migration, migration control mechanisms, the work of migration brokers, consulate offices and airport staff, as well as on migration and family ties, migrant domestic workers, shelter arrangements of undocument migrants and informal social protecion mechanisms

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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  • Alpes, M. J., (2016), Brokering High-Risk Migration in West Africa: Abroad at all cost. Ashgate. 


Dissemination of research:

  • Alpes, M. J., and Nyborg Sorensen, N., (2015) “Migration risk campaigns are based on wrong assumptions”, DIIS Policy Brief.
  • Tunaboylu, S., and Alpes, J., “The EU Turkey deal: What happes to people who return to Turkey?”, Forced Migration Review, February 2017.
  • Alpes, J., Blondel, C., Preiss, N., and Sayos Monras, M., “Post-deportation risks for failed asylum seekers”, Forced Migration Review, February 2017.
  • Alpes, M.J., and Nyborg Sorensen, N., (2016), “Post-deportation risks”, DIIS Policy Brief


Selected peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • Alpes, M. J., (second round of peer review), “Papers that work: Migration brokers and questions of illegality in Anglophone Cameroon”, POLAR.
  • Alpes, M.J., (forthcoming), “Why aspiring migrants trust migration brokers: The moral economy of departure in Anglophone Cameroon. Africa.
  • Alpes, M. J., (2015), “Social Protection and Migration Control: The case of migrant care workers and Parisian welfare hotels”, Transnational Social Review 5 (3): 296- 311.
  • Alpes, M. J., (2015), “Airport casualties: Non-admission return risks at times of externalised and internalised migration control”, Social Sciences. 4(3): 742- 757.
  • Alpes, M.J., and Spire, A., (2014), “Dealing with Law in migration control: The Powers of Street-level bureaucrats at French Consulates, Social and Legal Studies 23 (2): 261- 274.
  • Alpes, M. J. (2014), “Imagining a future in bush: migration aspirations at times of crisis in Anglophone Cameroon”, Identities 21 (3): 259- 274.
  • Alpes, M. J. (2012), “Bush a tout prix: the knowledge economy of emigration in Anglophone Cameroon”, African Diaspora 5 (1): 90- 115.


Selected chapters in edited volumes:

  • Van Walsum, S., and Alpes, M. J., (2014), “Transnational Households: Migrants and Care, at Home and Abroad” in Anderson, B., and Shutes, I., (eds.), Migration and Care Labour: Theory, Policy and Politics, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Alpes, M. J. (2013), “’Why do they take the money and not give visas?’ The governmentality of consulate offices in Cameroon”, in Disciplining the transnational movement of people, Pecoud, A., and Geiger, M., (eds.). Palgrave Macmillan. 


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Evidence-based assessment of migration deals: the case of Turkey
01.05.2017 to 31.10.2017
General project description 

This research project provides a critical assessment of collaborations on mixed migration flows between Europe and migrant sending countries. In the context of increasing asylum and migration flows we observe an important policy move towards partnerships between EU countries and sending countries. The focus of this project is on readmission agreements with Turkey, but with new deals in the making the results of this project will be of wider use and value for European policymakers. At its core, the EU Turkey deals aim to reduce irregular migration, decrease smuggling and human right violations and migrant deaths. In exchange, EU Member States promised to increase resettlement of Syrian refugees residing in Turkey, accelerate visa liberalization for Turkish nationals, and boost existing financial support for Turkey’s refugee population. This project will focus on the effects of the deals. How did the deal transform mixed migration flows and people’s reliance on human smugglers therein? What has been the impact of the deal on resettlement from Turkey to Europe? Field research (document analysis and interviews with forced returnees and migrants on the move) will be conducted to come up with evidence based insights on the implementation and the effects of the deal.

Role Researcher Funding
Utrecht University: NWO WOTRO
Project members UU
External project members:
  • Orcun Ulusoy

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Full name
dr. M.J. Alpes Contact details
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw

Heidelberglaan 2
Room 0
The Netherlands

Skype: M.J.Alpes


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