Lecturer and post-doctoral researcher on the NWO-funded project (326-78-001) 'The Syntax of Idioms'

Member of the research group 'Language structure: variation and change'

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All publications
  2016 - Book parts / chapters
Hladnik, M. (2016). The Left Periphery of Slovenian Relative Clauses. In Franc Marusic & Rok Zaucer (Eds.), Formal Studies in Slovenian Syntax - In honor of J. Oresnik (pp. 129–144). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  2016 - Paper
Hladnik, M., Temmerman, Tanja, Leufkens, S.C. & Harwood, William (01.12.2016). There’s nothing special about the syntax of idioms (With new evidence from Dutch dialects).
  2015 - Doctoral thesis 1 (Research UU / Graduation UU)
Hladnik, Marko (30.04.2015). Mind the Gap: Resumption in Slavic Relative Clauses. (196 p.). LOT Dissertation Series ; 390.
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Hladnik, M. (2013). Recoverability in Slovene Relative Clauses. In C.S. Rhys, P. Iosad & A. Henry (Eds.), Minority Languages, Microvariation, Minimalism and Meaning: Proceedings of the Irish Network in Formal Linguistics (pp. 171-185) (15 p.). Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
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