Dr. Gabriela Matias de Pinho

Assistant Professor
Global Ecohydrology and Sustainability

I work as an Assistant professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. I have a background in Nutritional Sciences and Epidemiology and in 2019 I obtained my PhD with the thesis entitled Contextual correlates of dietary behaviours in adults across Europe

In the frame of EXPANSE and EXPOSOME-NL projects, my research has focused on the characterization of individual’s food consumption behavior, individual’s interaction with the urban food environment, and its health consequences, particularly chronic diseases. 

With my current research at the Copernicus Institute I wish to support the transition to sustainable food systems by combining my experience on the use of analytical research methods and expertise on nutrition and human health, with the institute’s ample expertise on the most pressing sustainability challenges. 

In my teaching, I believe that learning occurs when students own their learning process. My role as a teacher is to facilitate student’s learning by planning personal and activating education. I aim to contribute towards educating citizens that will positively impact society and support the transition to a sustainable, healthy, and food secure society.