dr. Margreet de Looze
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Since 2008, Margreet de Looze has worked in the research group Cultural Diversity & Youth within the department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS). After her PhD and post-doc research on the social and cultural context of adolescent risk behaviour (smoking, drinking alcohol, cannabis use and early sexual behaviour), she is currently employed as Assistant Professor.

Her current research focuses on the role of gender equality in the health and well-being of youth in Europe and North America. For that purpose, she is working in close collaboration with the international Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study. Within this study, she is the chair of the Gender Focus Group. 



Strategic themes / Focus areas
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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
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  2015 - Scholarly publications
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  2014 - Scholarly publications
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  2014 - Professional publications
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  2013 - Scholarly publications
de Looze, Margreet, ter Bogt, Tom & Vollebergh, Wilma (2013). Explaining educational differences in adolescent substance use and early sexual debut: The role of conceptions and expectations of adulthood. Emerging Adulthood, 1, (pp. 175) (184 p.).
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  2012 - Scholarly publications
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  2012 - Other output
M.E. de Looze (11.07.2012). SES differences in adolescent risk behavior: mediation by perceptions and expectations of adulthood. ISSBD, Poster presentation at the 22nd biennal meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD).
  2011 - Other output
M.E. de Looze (17.06.2011). SES differences in adolescent risk behaviour: Mediation by perceptions and expectations of adulthood. Paper presented at HBSC Spring meeting..
  2010 - Scholarly publications
van Dorsselaer, S, de Looze, M.E., Vermeulen-Smit, E., de Roos, S., Verdurmen, J., ter Bogt, T.F.M. & Vollebergh, W.A.M. (2010). Gezondheid, welzijn en opvoeding van jongeren in Nederland. (227 p.). Utrecht: Trimbos-Instituut, HBSC 2009.
  2009 - Scholarly publications
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  2009 - Professional publications
Barnekow, L., Currie, C., Letsch, C., de Looze, M.E. & Morgan, A. (2009). A snapshot of the health of young people in Europe. Copenhagen, Denmark: WHO Regional Office for Europe.
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  2009 - Other output
M.E. de Looze (11.12.2009). 'Risk behaviours among youth: A call for broad interventions'. Kettil Bruun Society Conference: Episodic heavy drinking among adolescents.
M.E. de Looze (11.06.2009). 'Risky lifestyles among youth'. 13th Annual Health Promotion Conference: Closing the gap in child and adolescent health: the setting approach.
M.E. de Looze (13.03.2009). 'Sex: an oppurtunity or a vulnerabuility. Brussels, Belgium, Sexual Health Forum, organised by the European Comission's Health & Consumer Protection DG..
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Within the Department of ISS, Margreet coordinates the course 'Youth and Sexuality', she teaches in the course 'Risk Behaviour and Addiction among Adolescents', and she supervises master theses. Furthermore, she teaches the courses 'Introduction to Psychology' and 'Developmental Psychology' at University College Utrecht. 

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