Margot van den Berg teaches courses at various levels in the fields of sociolinguistics and contact linguistics, both introductory and in-depth, for the study programs Linguistics and Language and Culture Studies as well as the the Netherlands National Graduate School of Linguistics. She also supervises internships and thesis projects in these areas at BA and MA level.

She is a tutor and advisor at Language and Culture Studies.

Selection of courses at the graduate level:

  • Methods in Sociolinguistics: Language contact in the digital domain. Margot van den Berg & Robert Borges. LOT Winterschool 2021, 11 – 15 January 2021, Radboud University Nijmegen [invited]
  • Power, language variation and change. LOT Summerschool 2016.  4 - 8 july 2014, Utrecht University [invited]
  • Creoles at birth? The role of nativization. LETiSS: 2nd International Spring School. Europe beyond Europe: New horizons on pidgins and creoles. Pavia, 18-22 April 2011 [invited]
  • The Pidgin-Creole Life Cycle.  LOT Winterschool 2010. Margot van den Berg & Rachel Selbach, 18 januari – 22 januari 2010, VU Amsterdam. [invited]
  • Language Variation: Fieldwork and Contact Linguistics. 3L Summerschool International Summer School on Language Documentation and Description. Margot van den Berg, Rachel Selbach and Kofi Yakpo, 12- 16 juli 2010, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (3L Consortium: University of Lyon, Leiden University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.) [invited]
Involved in the following study programme(s)