dr. M.C. (Margot) Koster
Assistant Professor
Biology - Environmental Biology
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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Adams, Hendrik, Horrevoets, Wannie M, Adema, Simon M, Carr, Hannah E V, van Woerden, Richard E, Koster, Margot & Tommassen, J (30.09.2014). Inhibition of biofilm formation by Camelid single-domain antibodies against the flagellum of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal of Biotechnology, 186, (pp. 66-73) (8 p.).
Adams, Hendrik, Horrevoets, Wannie M., Adema, Simon M., Carr, Hannah E. V., van Woerden, Richard E., Koster, Margot & Tommassen, J (10.12.2014). Reprint of "Inhibition of biofilm formation by Camelid single-domain antibodies against the flagellum of Pseudomonas aeruginosa". Journal of Biotechnology, 191, (pp. 131-138) (8 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Putker, F.M., Tommassen-van Boxtel, H.A.M., Stork, M., Rodriguez-Herva, J.J., Koster, M.C. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (2013). The type II secretion system (Xcp) of Pseudomonas putida is active and involved in the secretion of phosphatases. Environmental Microbiology, 15, (pp. 2658-2671) (14 p.).
  2008 - Scholarly publications
Senf, F., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2008). Polar secretion of proteins via the type II secretion system in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Microbiology, 154, (pp. 3025-3032) (8 p.).
  2007 - Scholarly publications
Arts, J.G., Filloux, A., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2007). Export of the pseudopilin XcpT of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type II secretion system via the SRP/Sec pathway. Journal of Bacteriology, 189, (pp. 2069-2076) (8 p.).
Boekema, B.K.H.L., Beselin, A., Breuer, M., Hauer, B., Koster, M.C., Rosenau, F., Jaeger, K.-E. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (2007). Hexadecane and Tween 80 stimulate lipase production in Burkholderia glumae by different mechanisms. Applied Environmental Microbiology, 73, (pp. 3838-3844) (7 p.).
Arts, J.G., de Groot, A., Ball, G., Durand, E., El Khattabi, M., Filloux, A., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2007). Interaction domains in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type II secretory apparatus component XcpS. Microbiology, 153, (pp. 1582-1592) (11 p.).
Bitter, W., van Boxtel, R., Groeneweg, M., Sánchez Carballo, P., Zähringer, U., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2007). Species-specific functioning of the Pseudomonas XcpQ secretin: role for the C-terminal homology domain and LPS. Journal of Bacteriology, 189, (pp. 2967-2975) (9 p.).
  2004 - Scholarly publications
Burghout, P.J., Beckers, F.H.R., de Wit, E., Tommassen-van Boxtel, H.A.M., Cornelis, G.R., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2004). Role of the pilot protein YscW in the biogenesis of the YscC secretin in Yersinia enterocolitica. Journal of Bacteriology, 186, (pp. 5366-5375) (10 p.).
Burghout, P.J., Tommassen-van Boxtel, H.A.M., van Gelder, P., Ringler, P, Muller, S.A, Tommassen, J.P.M. & Koster, M.C. (2004). Structure and electrophysiological properties of the YscC secretin from the type III secretion system of Yersinia enterocolitica. Journal of Bacteriology, 186, (pp. 4645-4654) (10 p.).
  2002 - Scholarly publications
Adams, H., Teertstra, W.R., Koster, M.C. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (2002). PspE (phage-shock protein E) of Escherichia coli is a rhodanese. FEBS Letters, 518, (pp. 173-176) (4 p.).
  2001 - Scholarly publications
de Groot, A., Koster, M.C., Gérard-Vincent, M., Gerritse, G., Lazdunski, A., Tommassen, J.P.M. & Filloux, A. (2001). Exchange of Xcp (Gsp) secretion machineries between Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas alcaligenes: Species specificity unrelated to substrate recognition. Journal of Bacteriology, 183, (pp. 959-967) (9 p.).
Braun, P., Ockhuysen, C., Eppens, E.F., Koster, M.C., Bitter, W. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (2001). Maturation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa elastase. Formation of disulfide bonds. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 276, (pp. 26030-26035) (6 p.).
  2000 - Scholarly publications
Koster, M.C., Bitter, W. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (2000). Protein secretion mechanisms in gram-negative bacteria. International Journal of Medical Microbiology, 290, (pp. 325-331) (7 p.).
  1999 - Scholarly publications
Harms, N., Oudhuis, W.C., Eppens, E.F., Valent, Q.A., Koster, M.C., Luirink, J. & Oudega, B. (1999). Epitope tagging analysis of the outer membrane folding of the molecular usher FaeD involved in K88 fimbriae biosynthesis in Escherichia coli. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, 1, (pp. 319-325) (7 p.).
Brok, R., van Gelder, P., Winterhalter, M., Ziese, U., Koster, A.J., de Cock, J.J.P.A., Koster, M.C. & Tommassen, J.P.M. (1999). The C-terminal domain of the Pseudomonas secretin XcpQ forms oligomeric rings with pore activity. Journal of Molecular Biology, 294, (pp. 1169-1179) (11 p.).
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