Dr. Marija Bockarjova
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Dr. Marija Bockarjova is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University School of Economics, Department of Economics. Her expertise relates to Environmental Economics, Econometrics and Qauntitative Survey Methods. Marija has experience in various aspects of Environmental Economics, such as economic costs of natural hazards, disaster risk perception and valuation, sustainable transportation, living environment.

Marija is currently involved in the H2020 project NATURVATION (NATure-based URban innoVATION), where she looks at various aspects of economic valuation of impacts of nature-based solutions in urban areas.

Marija is also actively involved in student supervision, guest lectures on Environmental Economics, seminars and other (semi)academic events.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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Scientific expertise
economics of natural hazards
nature based solutions
environmental valuation
environmental economics
survey methods
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