I am a PhD Candidate in the NWO funded research program "Evolutionary Ethics? The (Meta)-Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality", headed by Herman Philipse and Johan Bolhuis.

From January to March 2017 I worked at Oxford University as a Recognised Student, under the supervision of Guy Kahane. From September to December 2017, I will be a Visiting Fellow at Columbia University (sponsor: Justin Clarke-Doane) and Harvard University (sponsor: Selim Berker).

In my dissertation, I assess whether objective moral judgements can be justified in light of evolutionary explanations of morality. [Paper 1] argues that evolutionary debunking  arguments that target the reliability of our beliefs are instances of the Benacerraf-Field challenge, [2] critically assesses the epistemological principle that underlies these arguments, [3] discusses the significance of moral disagreement as the key principle that undergirds debunking arguments [4] argues that a common strategy to respond to the reliability-based debunking argument, so-called third-factor accounts, fail. 

Apart from my PhD research in philosophy, I am currently completing a B.Sc. in psychology.

Please have a look at my website ( or my CV for a full list of publications, presentrations, and organised conferences.


Scientific expertise
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All publications
  Articles - 2017
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (11.09.2017). Can Moral Realists Deflect Defeat Due to Evolutionary Explanations of Morality?. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, (pp. 1-22) (22 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2017). Measuring Moral Development. De Filosoof, 75, (pp. 21-23).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (17.03.2017). Old Wine in New Bottles - Evolutionary Debunking Arguments and the Benacerraf-Field Challenge. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 172 (12), (pp. 1-15) (15 p.).
  Book reviews - 2017
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2017). Review of the book 'Essays in Moral Skepticism,' by Richard Joyce. Ethical Perspectives, 24 (01), (pp. 158–162) (4 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2017). Review of the book 'Moral Brains - The Neuroscience of Morality,' edited by S. Matthew Liao. Metapsychology, 21 (23), (pp. 1-6) (6 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2017). Review of the book 'The Moral Economy - Why Good Incentives are no substitute for good citizens,' by Samuel Bowles. Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, (pp. 1-6) (6 p.).
  Book reviews - 2016
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2016). Review of the book 'A Natural History of Human Morality,' by Michael Tomasello. Metapsychology, 20 (20) (6 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2016). Review of the book 'A Remarkable Journey - The Story of Evolution,' by R. Paul Thompson. Quarterly Review of Biology, 91 (3), (pp. 362) (1 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2016). Review of the book 'How Evolution Explains Our Moral Nature,' by Nicholas Baumard. Metapsychology, 20 (36) (6 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2016). Review of the book 'Management in a Liquid Modern World,' by Zygmunt Bauman et al. Ethical Perspectives, 22 (2), (pp. 345-349) (4 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2016). Review of the book 'The Social Psychology of Morality,' edited by Joseph Forgas et al. Metapsychology, 20 (48), (pp. 1-8) (8 p.).
  Book reviews - 2015
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2015). Review of the book 'Speech and Morality - The Metaethical Implications of Speaking,' by Terence Cuneo. Ethical Perspectives, 22 (2), (pp. 345-350) (5 p.).
Klenk, M.B.O.T. (2015). Review of the book 'The Happiness of Burnout,' by Finn Janning. Metapsychology, 19 (50) (4 p.).
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