Prof. dr. Thijs Weststeijn

Art History
Art History
+31 30 253 6362

Thijs's current teaching concerns the practice and theory of early modern art; the history of art history; and digital art history. He has also taught in the field of heritage studies. MA and RMA theses that he has supervised in Utrecht can be found here

PhD students: 

Trude Dijkstra, The Chinese Imprint: Printing and Publishing the Middle Kingdom in the Dutch Republic, 1595-1700

Willemijn van Noord, Materialising China: Material culture and perceptions of China in the Dutch Republic, 1665-1721

Rieke van Leeuwen, Masters of Mobility: Patterns in the International Mobility of Artists from the Low Countries  in the Early Modern Period

Elsa Dikkes, The Van Dort Family: Travel, Migration and Settlement Patterns of an Early Seventeenth-Century Artist Family 

Ain Taha, Making Sense: Material and Knowledge Encounters in 17th century Netherlandish Art Objects

Margaux Shraiman, Curious Creatures and Strange Specimens: Picturing Global Ecologies in Netherlandish Art

Nico Ganbold, Global Encounters: Production, Reception, and Circulation of the Image of People from Beyond Europe by Travelling Netherlandish Artists

V.E. Mandrij (co-promotor, University of Konstanz), “One could ornament a painting with the wings of a butterfly”: a technical examination of “Schmetterlingsabdruck” in sottobosco paintings by Otto Marseus van Schrieck (1620/21-1678) and his followers

Henrike Scholten (co-promotor with Marjolijn Bol), From Fluidity to Firmness – Painting, Permanence and Knowledge Practices, 1600-1750

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