Dr. Jessica Hegeman

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer E3.40
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Jessica Hegeman

Educational Consultant/Trainer
Educational Development & Training
+31 6 24 651 947

"My goal is to create powerful learning moments, by combining the art of open communication with the didactics of high expectations. Emphasizing successes is an essential part of that."

Jessica Hegeman is a senior educational advisor and trainer at Educational Consultancy and Training. She deals with themes within higher education and in the field of didactics. She does this in her role as video and didactic coach, trainer video and didactic coaching, trainer didactic courses and advisor educational Innovations.

With a solid foundation in medical biology and a PhD in immunology, she started her career in the laboratory. Her curiosity about the complex interactions in the human body has developed over the years into the curiosity about the intriguing dynamics of interpersonal interactions during the learning process.

The shift from researcher to lecturer marked a turning point in her career. As a lecturer in physiology, she not only shared scientific knowledge, but also discovered the complexity of guiding students in their learning process. Her enthusiasm for education led her to work as an educational advisor and trainer, where she could help teachers further develop effective didactic methods. She discovered the power of a positive approach, with an emphasis on creating a learning environment in which self-confidence thrives. It is her belief that highlighting successes, no matter how small, increases motivation and stimulates the learning process.

She brings these principles together as a trainer of didactic courses and as a trainer of video and didactic coaching. She is dedicated to creating powerful learning moments, combining the art of open communication with the didactics of high expectations. She challenges to think about the impact of teaching methods through the feedback she gives and the questions she asks: How can we use teaching methods to both stimulate knowledge transfer and increase self-confidence? What successful interventions and interactions can serve as building blocks for a positive learning environment in which the learner can unlock their potential? She strives for sessions to be an educational experience, but also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Where learning is not only an adventure, but also a journey to self-discovery and self-confidence.