Marnix De Witte MA

Marnix De Witte MA

External Cooperation Coordinator
Research Management Services

Marnix de Witte is the Partnerships Advisor for the strategic theme of Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) at Utrecht University. Marnix's work revolves around cultivating partnerships between IOS researchers and external entities, grappling with questions of (external) partnerships), internationalization, EU ties, fundraising, and the strategic orchestration of these processes.

In his role, Marnix engages in:

  • Providing guidance to UU colleagues, especially those within the IOS team and research community, on matters related to external partnerships.
  • Contributing to the evolution of Utrecht University's internationalization strategy.
  • Advising on the connection of researchers and groups to Brussels, the EU, the Global South, and various academic institutions and networks.
  • Establishing and nurturing networks with external parties and different types of external partners, and linking them to fundraising opportunities (EU).
  • Contributing to the organization of activities and programs for IOS.

Marnix's professional journey is rooted in a background steeped in human rights and democratization. His diverse experiences include working with EU think-tanks, NGOs, EU institutions, Community-Based organizations, and humanitarian INGOs. His focus spans conflict areas such as South Sudan and Burma, supporting human rights defenders working on press freedom issues in East- and West Africa, and contributing to the discourse surrounding the EU asylum system.

About IOS:

IOS serves as a reflective space, questioning the ability of existing formal and informal institutions to confront challenges like socio-economic inequality, the dominance of 'big tech,' the climate crisis, terrorism, discrimination, and the erosion of trust in government and science. Academics at Utrecht University collaborate with social partners within IOS, acknowledging that addressing these challenges requires shared efforts and constructive dialogue. It is through this joint effort that IOS seeks to develop knowledge and solutions for the complex issues of our time, striving towards open and resilient societies.