Dr. Labrini Zarpala


Labrini is a Lecturer of Finance at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.).

Since October 2021, she has held a Ph.D. with a distinction awarded by the Department of Banking and Financial Management (University of Piraeus, Greece). Her research interests lie in the intersection of market design, finance, and disrupting technologies. Her job market paper has gained a prize for its contribution to game-theoretical analysis from the journal Games, and she has published it in Annals of Finance and Digital Finance.

Last few years, Labrini worked as a lecturer of finance at Oxford Brooks University and as a consulting researcher in EU projects. 

Before starting a career as a researcher and lecturer, she worked in the banking and consulting industry for 11 years.

Lastly, she graduated in 2006 with an M.Sc. in Operations Management (University of Bath, U.K.) and in 2004 with a Bsc. in Accounting and Finance (University of Macedonia, Greece).  She speaks Greek, English, and French and makes her first steps in Dutch.