My main area of research is located at the crossing point between sociology and environmental sciences. After having obtained a MSc degree in surface hydrology, where my main focus lied on modeling, I developed a strong interest for the philosophical and sociological aspects underlying the construction of numerical models in environmental sciences.
My current research aims at accounting for the factors influencing the choices made by modelers during the construction of their models. I hereby follow an ethnographic approach based on interviews. While the research started in hydrology, my initial field of study, it rapidly evolved to encompass a wide range of disciplines in natural sciences, such as astrophysics, ecology or climatology.

I was trained at the University of Lausanne (BSc in Geosciences and environment), at Utrecht University (MSc in Hydrology) and additionally hold a MAS in Secondary and Higher education, which enables me to work part time as a science and geography teacher.

My PhD thesis is supervised by Derek Karssenberg (Utrecht University) and Dominique Vinck (University of Lausanne). I am an affiliated member of the Sciences and Technologies Studies Laboratory (STS Lab) of the University of Lausanne.

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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Vannametee, E., Babel, L. V., Hendriks, M. R., Schuur, J., de Jong, S. M., Bierkens, M. F P & Karssenberg, D. (15.09.2014). Semi-automated mapping of landforms using multiple point geostatistics. Geomorphology, 221, (pp. 298-319) (22 p.).
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