Luuk Schokker MA

Luuk Schokker MA

Knowledge Valorisation Officer

Luuk Schokker works as Impact Developer for the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies (IOS). His work focuses on partnerships between IOS researchers and external parties, as well as Education for Professionals.

His role consists of, among other tasks:

  • Advising UU colleagues (particularly IOS team and research) on matters regarding (societal) impact
  • Contributing to the development of Education for Professionals programmes
  • Participating in the Policy, Research, Impact & Outreach (PRIO) team at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
  • Advising on incorporating societal impact in grant proposals
  • Setting up and maintaining networks with external parties
  • Contributing to the organising of impact-oriented activities or programmes

About IOS:

Are existing formal and informal institutions able to cope with challenges such as growing socio-economic inequality, the power of 'big tech', the climate crisis, terrorism, discrimination and distrust in government and science? And, if current institutions fail, how can they be adapted and improved to better contribute to open and resilient societies? Within IOS, scientists from Utrecht University work together with social partners on this issue because only through joint efforts and constructive dialogue can we develop knowledge and solutions for the challenges of our time.