Dr. Lisanne Pauw

Assistant Professor
Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

Lisanne Pauw is an Assistant Professor at the department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology. Her work focuses on better understanding how people can best regulate their own and others’ emotions to foster wellbeing and healthy social relationships. She studies emotion regulation dynamics in various relational (e.g., friendships, romantic relationships), situational (e.g., digital vs. in-person) and cultural contexts. Her work is characterized by a multi-method approach, including innovative experimental paradigms (e.g., one-way interactions, dyadic unstructured interactions, and structured interactions with a virtual human), complemented by approaches that emphasize ecological validity (e.g., experience sampling studies with individuals and romantic couples). 


Lisanne obtained her PhD degree from the department of Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 2020, on the topic of social sharing of emotions (advisors: prof. Agneta Fischer, prof. Gerben van Kleef and dr. Disa Sauter). After a 3-year post doc position at the University of Münster, Germany, she joined the department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology department at Utrecht University in January 2023 as an assistant professor.